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The last time we did this people loved it i think they're gonna love this one i'm excited and his box said inversely blues addow law you are laugh coming up the cause and i think tony romo is calling in i don't want to get too excited but i think he's calling it but first project all right monday morning we did not feel the need to take this on a sunday because once and people started beating the crap out of the vikings tate lombardi had it you can listen to gm street for their reactions last night the body very apologetic if the doug peterson but hey man would sometimes iran with stuff my team made the super bowl their techs from you nothing no congratulations you'll hear heard such as negative at this point it was negative the wringers slack i was afraid to go into room was so upset and young kevin o'connor who just moved here from la that's fan boston guy put some slack in and in slack you can do thumbs up and thumbs down and he basically had this thing like k i know it's kotahena the patriots but tom brady was incredible in that game people doing the thumbsdown emoji now to appear were just bad people hate the pats assam have stitches in aleppo why when you hate the pats why wouldn't anyone else hate the pats by the free freezing it's colder near than was a i know i'm like i'm doing the david letterman thing of key keep pierre the as they succumbed already uncomfortable to be praising the patriots ounce zero temporarily at twelve stitch catch in his cutting his hand and was just lights out bullets talk about ad minnesota philly first because.

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