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I got to go down to houston this last week and i interviewed the shawn watson and j._j. Watt and got to talk to bill brian for a little while and what i came away <hes> with is that they feel they can just stay healthy. This is a special team. We're nearing the end. We know j._j. Watts career. It's a huge year for pam. This offense like you said as long as they can keep the sean what we saw what he can do when they would give up twenty six or sixty two sex then so we we know that the ability is there if they can just stay healthy. I think the feeling even in the building is that this is a special year. They lost their first three games. Last year still won the division so i mean this is a coaching coaching staff that believes in itself and a team that believes in itself. They obviously believe in the quarterback. They lost the playoff game to indianapolis and it couldn't have been clearer. I was at that game. Indianapolis has offensive line loaded with first round picks. They pushed him around. Houston has an offensive line. They were patching together so obviously they make this a priority. They go get laremy tunsil. Absolutely they have to be you too favorite right now especially with andrew retiring. They gave up a lot but i think they make themselves. Potentially a super bowl contender actually both sides of the deal. We talked about with county. I like that for she app right now. I got a couple of numbers. We're going to do a little more or less on a couple of different players. This season we await the signing zeke elliott dan orlovsky more or less fourteen and and a half games zeke plays for the cowboys this year. I'm going more and this is why jerry jones is not stupid. Jerry jones a very smart man a very smart businessman and he understands the value of zeki elliott to his chances of winning a super bowl. Say what you want about him. Is the general manager. He's been really good at past years. He's too smart r._v. Man not to make sure zeke's there for the whole season next up melvin gordon and the chargers and a complete standoff dan graziano more or less a half a game this year that melvin gordon plays. He's four the chargers more definitely. He has to play at least one game. It's important for people to realize this is not a levy on bell situation ezekiel elliott melvin gordon cannot sit <music> out the whole season and become free agents their contracts with poll. They'd be in the exact same position this next specified for the charters throwing it straight. I don't think you're gonna find a team willing to give the the charges what they want and also pay okay so he will wind up back there with los angeles says dan graziano orlovsky more or less dwayne haskins four and a half stars for washington trenton this year. I'm gonna say more. The issues are this case. Keenum played a level where this team's stays in the playoff picture or are you struggling as football team. Jay gruden has to do something at that spot to potentially save his job. He also showed really well. In the preseason. Remember a couple of bad picks week one but two three and four a much-improved play the mind is there. You'll have more than four and a half starts finally one more quarterback situation graziano eli manning more or less than ten and a half starts for the giants killing killing my inner grammar nerd here. It's fewer fewer than i think i had to say. Fewer which is accurate because i think the giants its plan to keep eli manning in there and keep daniel jones on the bench is tied to them winning games and i just don't think they have enough to win enough games to keep that plan intact. This is the new word twitter troll in railway what we're seeing right now. We're doing joining or not. I wanna season you look soft thursday night bears and packers packers at soldier field and it'll be everyone's i look at aaron rodgers in the new offensive system of matt low-floor rogers sat out the entire preseason but over the weekend he you said that really shouldn't matter. If we go out we struggled. It has nothing to do with clan meaningful grabbed meaningless reps in the preseason. I really believe in if we light it up. It's not because we rested in the preseason. Our performance will be based on preparation asian this week our.

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