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And I was pardon the pun in the corner of never wanting to be hit again. So what attracted you to boxing? Then I wanted a contact sport after playing football. Also, it's like, it's an attractive sport. When. In you're playing football. And you're trying to bolt yourself up and you're under under-sized, and it's never gonna work because your size. It's super tractive like what if they had football divisions for like I could have played a bunch of one hundred seventy five pounders instead of trying to bulk up and hang with the two seventy five guys. Right. So I like the idea that there was a weight division for everybody. And I liked the contact sport in the competition part of it and I had like whatever natural abilities. I had they lent themselves. Boxing, like, I was coordinated had good eyesight pretty quick hands and things like that. Did you find the discipline appealing? Because you've talked a lot about your family life. Not a ton of guidance from the parents, did it feel like this could give direction the box. Yeah. I I I felt I always knew that sort of. Imposing challenges on yourself would be a good thing, and the sort of solitude of it where you just sort of skip rope for twenty minutes, and no one else is timing. You and no one else cares. And you can quit whenever you want. It's up to you do twenty minutes, and then it's up to you to do five rounds of shadowboxing or five rounds of moving or five rounds of heavy bag speed bag or double ended bag or whatever it is. Like, everything is really self-imposed. And you'll be the time keeper and the gatekeeper nobody you can quit whenever you want. No one ever say anything, I sort of liked that part of it. But there would be a consequence. Right. A lot of life. You fall short. It's hard to Jackley tau. But if you aren't ready in the boxing ring, right? You're going to get hurt. Well, that's what happened with this miniature. This pocket. Hercules at the bodies in motion West Hollywood, ours probably on PICO over there by FOX and Los Angeles. And like, I remember the guy owned the place. He was like this guy shoop or strong, and I'm like so what and the other thing that was bad about this guy is he had one set of gloves. He didn't have bag gloves and sparring gloves. He just said gloves, and he would whack the heavy bag all day every day with these goddamn gloves, and it probably had him for eight years. And you shouldn't be sparring with gloves that you're using a heavy bag because he'd worn it through like he warned his knuckles. You could see his knuckles coming through the gloves because he just been working them the whole time he'd be working the bag with these gloves all day. So then like it came time to Spar, and he's like, yeah. Let me get my glove. And he put his gloves on, and you could see was all wrinkled like look like an old person's face knuckles were and it was all worn out and everything and he's like, all right? Let's smart and everytime. He hit me. I could feel his knuckles three them. You don't like to get hit the gym owner who I'm guessing was a tough do that wasn't like crying wolf all this guy's. He tells you maybe shouldn't do you said, no, no bring it on. What was the thinking? He told me this guy could bench like three times. Why did you do it the strength of an aunt? But one hundred fifty five pound and right? And I was like, yeah. But Kenny box I can balked tries. Yeah. So he just beat the crap out of me. And I remember feeling his knuckles on my forehead the whole time. And I gotta tell you when you get beaten up that way, you're not right for a couple of days like when you get a little bit concussed so to speak. I definitely clearly remember bell being rung for how many times do you think you've been concussed from the box. I would say what you name again. I would say I probably have about four and a half from football and probably full-size from from boxing. Oh, I would get knocked down. Pop warner. I I'm old school. So Stephen Spinoza from Showtime is here he's waiting around..

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