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You think back just the probably the last four to 5 years there's been a dominant driver or two that had well over 50 playoff points going into the playoffs and here we're talking about numbers at 13. So what this is going to do. I think it makes it so much more interesting. But what's going to happen is when we get into the playoffs now, remember last year everybody saying what Kyle Larson has to, you know, he's got an easy way in to the final four there and we've said that about Kevin Harvick in years past Martin Truex Junior doing doing that same thing. That's not going to happen this year. So when we start the playoffs and you get that first round, if you have one bad race, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble because you don't have a safety net there to fall back on. So this is going to require drivers and teams to be on their game every single week. And now you're also throwing in the mix, drivers and teams, crew chiefs, crews that haven't ever been in the playoffs before and the added pressure to perform each and every week there. So this is just getting so much more interesting. We talk about the season and the parody and the opportunity. I mean, we might even end up with 16 winners and not have anybody in on points. So I'm just so looking forward to see how these ten races play out and exactly what happens. And then when we start to playoffs again, every week is a pressure packed situation for these teams and drivers. Yeah, it's definitely a hot topic, DJ, and we thank you for joining us to talk about here when we come back. We'll be talking to a couple of guys who've been talking about this a lot on SiriusXM NASCAR raider. That's Pete Boston, Mike Bagley, joining us here on NASCAR America motor mouse when we come back. Certainly been a memorable first 16 races as we take here another look at the playoff leaderboard, Ross Chastain, William.

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