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Not gonna make it very far in the session. But i think some things will open up for us if you recall in the tanakh organization. The prophets has kind of two main sections it traditionally these came to called the former prophets. Which is the first four books. Joshua judges him kings and then the latter prophets which what we typically think of the big three as they jeremiah zeki oil and then the scroll of the twelve. So what's interesting is the twelve minor prophets in christian tradition. They never existed independently on a scroll as we have them. They certainly began life as independent works. But at some point they were brought together. And we're themselves hyperlinked together as a work on a scroll in a very similar way until a point out some of these think of it in terms of works within works within works collections of collections of collections. And what we just saw in the organization of the macro collection is diverse sections. The torah joshua malachi the beginning of psalms those have all been coordinated together to circle around key main themes that are repeated. So just notice as a pattern of communication how that works then. It means that any time. I'm in one section of these writings the tour of the provinces writings. I also need to be aware simultaneously of the whole thing at the same time in other words when i read dude around me. Thirty four mean three sentences at the end of the torah. But when i'm in those sentences i'm also simultaneously thinking about malachi and how the whole thing fits together and so that's this literature works that way. The whole context needs to be brought to bear on every individual story. Say the book of jonah but then the book of jonah will also begin to informing give me perspective on things other things in the collection as well. Let's look at some examples of that if you look at the first of the book of jonah. I've got multiple translations open here for the first sentence. Should we read the first sentence. 'cause that's about all we're gonna get the word of your way came to jonah son of army tie saying let's just pause when you see lord and all capital letters. That's translations signalling to us that. The hebrew were four letters of the divine name revealed to moses so in some jewish traditions. A couple of hundred years before. Jesus people stopped pronouncing the name allowed to reserve at sacred honor and so mostly fell out of pronunciation and so the word lord in hebrew came to be swapped. It people would say it. Say the word lord which is uh tonight in hebrew and so that tradition is carried forward in our modern english translations. Not too many people are offended by saying the divine name. some messianic jews are and then some traditional jews are but i personally found it to bring fresh energy to my own reading of the bible to say the divine name because it was put there. I think to be read when moses and the prophets about these tax so that's a short little thing right there so the word of ya came to jonah some time. Now there's something hidden here if you're only read the new american standard. There's something hidden that you'll notice because english translation doesn't clue you into it if i turn say to the english standard version yes Look at how they render the for sentence. Now the word of ya came to jonah son of amitai saying do you see difference. What is now turn to just begins with the and iv an rsp. Now now this you might think mountain out of a molehill right here but this is significant and don't be afraid of show you the hebrew tech's jonah opening sentence. You don't have to remember this at all but that letter. There is the hebrew letter valve. That's the word and in hebrew or while in and depending on your pronunciation volver while and in hebrew the word and doesn't ever stand by itself you attach it to the beginning of this of most medic languages. You attach the word end to the word that it's in front of so the first word is by. He and it came about the word of y'all way to joanna. Here's my point. The book of jonah starts with the word and it's a connective conjunction. So you just tell me the difference. Between the word of y'all way came to jonas von matai and the difference between that and and the word of checking in other words if and is there. It presumes a bigger context. I'm continuing something so to start a sentence with the word and means there's something before it that you're connecting it to presuming a larger context so it's just one observation to make you might think it's minor and perhaps it is the second observation the were and the word of ya came to ben amitai. Who's that if you just take the book of jonah by itself and you're just like okay. Am i supposed to know who that is. You are supposed to know who that is. Because this figure appears elsewhere in the collection doesn't so already in the book of jonah in the first sentence of the book of jonah word and it's like little thread stitching the book into a context. The book of jonah doesn't float by itself in the old testament. The first word of the book stitches it into a preceding context. The mentioned of jonasson of amitai he. He appears in the collection yes. You appears in second kings. He appears elsewhere in the prophets in second kings chapter fourteen. I already knew this was significant but actually prepping for this class. I realized just how significant this little story is. We're jonet pills. We're going to spend some time here. What we hear is about a really terrible king named joe bom the second. Here's what god did for this. Really terrible king y'all way saw the affliction of israel that it was bitter there was nobody bond or free there was no helper for israel. So what did he do. He saved them by the hand of jerem and he restored the borders of israel. Back to what they were in the days of. solomon well. that's a very nice thing to do. For what kind of king a terrible king and who was the prophet there speaking this promise of restoration blessing on the wicked king. You'll nice of me time so we also got then here in. The book of kings is another appearance of jonah. Already in the first line of the book we're hyperlinked into the school of the twelve with word and we're hyperlinked into the prophets and his role in second kings gets us thinking about Yeah god sending profits to do good things for people who don't deserve it. I wonder if that has anything to do with the book of jonah. God sending a prophet to invite people who don't deserve it into blessing. That's interesting go back to the book of jonah. The word of the came to jonasson of amitai saying hey get up go to niniveh. The great city niniveh the great city. Have i heard of niniveh before. I have heard of an nfl before. Here's what's interesting if you're reading in the book of kings that story in a second kings chapter fourteen Jonah announces that the borders of israel will be expanded which was always a sign of blessing for israel when their borders are expanded. Jona announces that that's going to happen for this wicked evil king in the very next chapter. It's all going to be reversed in the very next chapter. We are introduced to the second kings. Fifteen verse twenty nine. In the days of pekka king of israel. He's after jerry. On who joan coincided with who come showing up to town taking everybody captive and just like annexing the land of israel..

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