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Eighty dollars we are not offering them for seventy dollars can we go you know not to go go lower we are not ordering these be do we have we've got a few left we are not freeing these beautiful him in sweat failed baid's they always end on a sharp note sweat failed ban aides say sweat filled baid's but they don't do that we are beautiful sweat filled for twenty dollars we're not we're not could we give them we're not we're offering them right now twelve a dozen limited edition shani swit field human beads running over an advanced diamond cocaine bay a pack abdomen ski course triple damn in as they run plush into electrical looking wiry tough pubic hairs for six dollars call now we've got even have any left we have some left but they're going let's move onto the next thing we're serving taints we've cut taints of of people from northern canada and we're selling them now these are not for the one day i want to work for one of those guys and i want to grow to be like the girl that's i want this is what i want i want the girl to be fucking doing it with is nice look at this ramic dolphin we've got a beautiful ceramic dolphin we're selling these dolphins and beautiful handmade handcrafted i wanna go like i want to go over there i wanna walk over there i'm gonna get real sexist honor i wanna grab the fucking dom delfin with the hand and brush her with like my fuck and shoulder to shoulder checker checker and i just wanna be like give me this bitch and then i wanna be like hey we got these fucking dolphins you wanna buy a fucking dolphin or what that's it that's it i don't need to describe you could see them you want the fuck in dolphin or not if you're in the market for a ceramic dolphin get the fuck and ceramic dolphin if i swear to god dude if i did that shit i think we'd get a new like this today if iran if iran me krista leah me if iran movies that are coming out if i ran their twitter's i could get them way more i bet i could get more people in seats like take the.

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