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He didn't he legally but we need to hit these guys to rebound out about the NFL should treat running quarterbacks just like any other runner of a pocket in balance yeah and Absalom would simmer Zimmer's old school with this so then surprised me takes his position but once you leave the pocket you stop being quarterback and you start being a football player yeah that's that's just the Vichy shot you know let's call him between helmet to helmet utterly unnecessary that is that really is a Vichy shot I mean that is square in the face masks man that's dangerous but you know what I mean is a calculated risk and if you go to the vice plays that had you quarterback going out of the pocket by design and not just when things break down then you roll the dice and you're playing with fire and there's only so many protective roles in mechanisms that we could put in place to keep your quarterback upright nobody wants to see anybody get hurt he's absolutely right in that regard but it's football it's the NFL they're big strong men and if you get out of the pocket you think you're running back and you got a little wiggle you deserve to get pop are you in all are yeah yesterday we discussed at length the injured a boogie cousins in the fact the Lakers are considering bringing Dwight Howard back to Los Angeles how does an eight time all star and five time first team all NBA player but hasn't made either either list SO since two thousand fourteen and is averaging just fourteen point again the past four seasons now word is the Lakers are also trying out Joe Kim knows most space and might be considering trying to bring back Marcin Gortat from overseas all the four possibilities Dwight Howard is the best option for the Lakers.

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