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Point we will have a slow down i just don't know when it will be at herb stein a former head of the council economic advisers famously said if something can't keep going on forever eventually it won't so this this gross cyclists been terrific i don't know how much longer will stay i hope another year or two at least i think the recession has been pushed back because of the tax cut bill and the favorable for at least a year if not longer than you study of american history and you are within finance with a question or great historian your contribution to ford's theatre your contribution to the national gallery of art and of course your life work to the library of congress you are working with institutions that have seen gilded age is come and go how does it gilded age end well it ends different ways nobody knows for certain the most important thing you can remember is you can't predict what's gonna kirk nobody really would have predicted few subprime mortgages came unraveled about ten years ago that would lead to the great recession that we had so no one knows for certain right now i think most business people and most economists are saying this won't go on forever but right now there are no signs anybody can release of a recession about the happen recession of the future of the republican party i mean you talked about you can't see the future what does the future of the gop after one or two term trump well we'll see what happens in the midterm elections have generally in the midterm i president loses seats in the house and the senate so it wouldn't be unusual at the president lost seats in the house and the senate there are many people in washington including many republicans who think the house could go democratic but nobody really knows we might have a wave election against the republicans but maybe something happens breakthrough in career and career someplace else that has a wave election for the republican side it's just a little bit early to know carlisle group co founder david rubenstein speaking with bloomberg's tom keene francine la coming up we'll be speaking with ken allah about his new.

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