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The nose extends over the front of the got her a little bit so close Knowles forward were the only ones in the industry that do that sources are you do that soon as your nose that because we can handle more rainfall with the way the engineering was with the cover itself okay with the ball mills this is you bring that knows back a little bit it allows more debris to fall directly into the gutters we shut it off the front so goes on the ground or soon as you enter companies can't handle the rainfall like we do they can't hold as much water so they bring their nose back so the water goes in better but the problem is that the big debris and stuff will fall the gutters well yeah because the gap between your product and the actual trough the gutter itself is a small three three eighths inch three eighths inch and a and that's enough to get as much water as we're gonna get yeah it's been tested to handle twenty two inches of rain in an hour yeah but who's counting yeah exactly is keeping track of that just engineers and scientists and exact right so when has it ever brain twenty two inches in an hour that's what is tested for I think fourteen point seven is the highest out there were eleven point seven so you're safe yes or no yeah right yeah the only don't know was arc or anything that's funny because I'm it just side note Owens Corning shingles right are we were planning with them and they have a one hundred and thirty mile per hour wind rating so as long as we get for nails in the target on a full shingle okay they guarantee that your shingle will not fly off in a hundred and thirty mile per hour wind of what I think is interesting is for sure your whole roof will be off and down the block but the shingles will be attached to the door so we are yeah it will be attached to the attacking so kind of a similar thing there twenty two inches of rain yeah in an hour designed to handle.

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