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After the first day of New York giants training camp was a busy day out at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford. The biggest news of the day of course is unfortunate news that of course being that wide wide receiver Sterling Shepard will be out several weeks with a fractured thumb which was suffered when he was trying to catch a pass during Thursday afternoons practice to be honest honest. I did not see the play. I'm not exactly sure what happened on the play. We were informed by giants P._R.. Toward the end of practice that shepherd had gone for an x ray and shortly after practice the team team announced that there was a fracture and it shepherd would be week to week. I suppose if there's good news in the bad news. It's that <hes> this was the first day of training camp that there are roughly roughly six weeks before the giants have to play a game and shepherd should have time to heal to be ready for the regular season listen. I'm not a doctor. I'm not putting an exact timeframe on how how long it will take shepherd to to return to action but this is not a devastating season ending torn achilles tendon torn A._C._l.. Something along that line it's it's unfortunate but the flip side of that is I guess that will get more snaps for some of the <hes> the guys on the end of the roster guys who are fighting for jobs young guys like Reggie White White Junior Alex Wesley and other undrafted free agent win. He comes off the PUP list couple of veterans like cody Latimer Benny Fowler. Maybe Russell Shepherd you guys who are fighting to make the roster. We'll perhaps get a little bit more of an expanded opportunity in listen. Eli Manning in Sterling Shepard have been playing together and working together for years so I'm not going to be concerned all of that much touch about timing in communication between those two. They played in this offense last year. You may ask what about Shepherd and Daniel Jones well. The reality of it is right now. Daniel Jones is not throwing owing to Golden Tate and he's not throwing to Evan Ingram and he's not throwing sterling shepherd. He's throwing to the guys on the second third units. He hasn't really worked with with the first team. Guys is at this point though snaps those throws in in drills those go to Eli Manning so it's not something where Sterling Shepherd is going to be missing out on developing timing with Daniel Jones at this point point because that's not something that we're seeing right now. We're not seeing Jones work with those guys what I want to do on today's show as we move forward from the sterling shepard injury. I want to play for you a few audio clips from today's practice from media availability that was held before practice. The first clip is going to be Pat Shurmur discussing what he hopes to <hes> to see Daniel Jones accomplish during this training camp. All right giants fans along that same in line. The next clip that you're going to hear is Pat Shurmur discussing some of the differences for a young quarterback from college football to playing against N._F._l.. Players I I think the speed at the game things happen. I think the one thing that's different about the program college and I learned from a couple of the quarterbacks you know in college sometimes look out and everybody's also use a lot success. There's time in the program you look out near. Maybe only one of them over what he so. I think because because some good stuff there from Pat Shurmur I'm sure though that what giants fans really want to do in terms terms of Daniel Jones at this point is to hear what Jones had to say himself on the first day of Training Camp Jones and other players spoke to media prior to the workout. So what you're about to here is Jones speaking to reporters in the morning before the giants went out to practice it just improve clear helping even all right now but given through I think Oh you know today and the next couple days to pick up where we ball before lessons. I think that has that fine says we'll continue the progress. Hello Listener. I'm Sean Ramos firm host of today explained Vox Daily News podcast every day Monday.

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