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Talk eleven thirty. W I s had Mark Belling late afternoon. Show let's end the. Show with this just happened this story is hilarious GIO Gonzalez the pitcher for the Washington nationals several minutes before the start of tonight's. Game against the brewers was told to switch dugouts Went into the clubhouse took off his uniform and walked over to the brewer dig- out at. The national, stadium in Washington the brewers apparently have made a waiver trade for GIO Gonzalez longtime starting pitcher with the nationals the deadline to make a waiver deal is today waivers. Means the other team has to cut a player and. Anybody can put an a claim form generally speaking you can only do this with guys that are, highly paid that most people. Wouldn't put in a claim for Geos a free agent at the end of the season. So the brewers are clearly had to give something up they'll send somebody over to Washington for him and they'll get, kansallis for the remainder of the season which would, be one month chances are Gonzales will be the, starting pitcher for the brewers on. Sunday against the nationals the only team he's. Ever bed with, as the brewers face max Scherzer Gonzales at a very good. Cure for Washington but he's had a very. Bad year this year. The whole Washington pitching staffs that awful this season which is why they've so underachieved he's seven and eleven with a poor point five Seventy ERA but for the brewers perspective he's probably a. Better option in the starting rotation then junior gear or maybe a couple of other people so they, did make the deal a. No worded what they had to give up but the deal was culminated right apparently before. The beginning of the game and the media got word of it when the stirring occurred when God's Allah's you can't, sit in the other teams go once you on, another team so he went into the club oh, said apparently is right now in. The brewers clubhouse talking to his agent or. Whatever He'll love. This he's a free agent at, the end of the year and he gets to go from a team that was out of it the nationals and now suddenly become a starter at a team in the pennant race the brewers so they did, make a waiver deal move today they left to give up something hopefully not a lot for Gonzales so probably have a chance. To go into the rotation and start four or five times before the end of the year and maybe change. Of scenery getting a chance to pitch at a pennant race he'll get it, back together he is a career three point seven ERA a pitcher career. Record at one twenty four, and ninety seven Ed GIO Gonzalez who as I. Say that he won't be with Milwaukee or anything next. Year free agent at the end of the year goes to the brewers while the. Brewers are in Washington Geos team and Geos told about the trade while he's already in uniform tonight's game now goes over to the other side in his first appearance will be probably this weekend against vassals.

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