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To the commissioner and says basically you guys are blackballing this guy he why does he not have a job and you look at all the players that are being signed he's not the greatest quarterback era did take a team the super bowl and so goes through and it talks about the back and forth and the take this the guy that wrote the article is that they're kind of not listening to each other the players are all saying stuff of the owners are saying stuff they're kind of talking by each other but they it seems to be the league trying to maneuver its way they didn't want to be in that presidents crosshairs and they felt like there was millions of americans have voted for donald trump there were going to side with him and not watch the product not go to the games not by memorabilia not by jerseys because of this kneeling issue that habit that that that that did happen to most vocal was houston texans owner bob mcnair and he basically looked at the players here's a quote you fellas need to ask your compadres fellas stopped that other business let's go out and do something that really produces positive results and we'll help you that's a direct quote from the secret tapes and villas in compadres yes you know what i'm impressed by how long son because after this meeting davis chris long chris along the following year he and he won the super bowl back to back years when he was with the philadelphia eagles last year he he donated his entire year salary they different charities every single game check did not take a penny from it and it seemed like he's really walking the walk on do you wanna ride one of my other eighteen year old bikes in the seattle now i'll ride my new bike that's now crash that i have to take back to the bike biking shoes that i have brand new biking and i don't want to wear them i want to wear the eighteen year old shoes that i wore across america has thirty three and they're they're all taped up with furnace tape and those are the shoes that i want to wear you like what you like crazy yeah you.

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