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I'm restrictions apply for complete details Please visit my tax relief dot com It's 8 18 Traffic the weather on the 8s back to a busy Rick McClure in the WTO traffic center No change on the beltway still moving wealth through Maryland and Virginia for the most part without issue a slowdown We had one broken down on the inner loop near university boulevards in the left lane authorities are on the way to a retreated from the left lane and put it on at least on the shoulder and might want to stay to the right get by just in case Maryland I two 70 95 BW Parkway route 50 all looking good Good across the bay bridge a three lanes west and two lanes east cross the bay Don't forget tonight and gave this bird watch for some extra volume along both sides of clapper road as you make your way towards Seneca creek state park with winter lights festival good for the kids and good for the family Virginia 66 three 95 95 looking a lot better along 95 along the south downside of some brief volumes through parts of Dale City Alex the only slow spot And still with heavy volume both ways through acclaim tonight along Georgetown pike we're still shut down your toes and road as police may have started un crash investigation follow their direction through In fairfax police are checking on a crash along fairfax boulevard near chain bridge road to let you know what they found in the next report and through the district freeway is still traveling at a good pace through southwest and southeast and the two 95s are moving well through northeastern southeast Rick McClure WT will be traffic Thanks Rick now the four storm team four frosty forecast play Anderson Winter will return briefly across the Washington area with cold Canadian air moving down.

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