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Yeah arguing the argue in these now ron so anyway he's getting attacked by all the feminists we're going to talk more about this coming up so i don't know i go back and forth over this because they saw one story saying this wasn't true and then i saw another story that says this was true and i kind of want to believe the one that says it was true because daily star which is the british paper said that buzz aldrin reportedly reportedly passed a lie detector test drive revealing the truth about aliens i dunno they said that he did see a u of at one point that's what he had apparently claimed and he said i thought there was something close enough to be observed sort of lshaped and that was that was it so i don't know this this van mystery crash in munster an attacker a this dude drove a van a camper van into a group of people sitting outside of a restaurant in munster on saturday he apparently had mental health problems according to the regional interior ministry owner of that mental health problems called terrorism i don't know but they said that this is just you know one of the van of tax that has taken place and then good heavens then it says many taking antidepressants discover they cannot quit according to new york times many people are hooked on anti depressants and many about twenty five million americans have been on them for about at least two years sixty percent increase since two thousand and ten which is crazy and a man comes back from the dead after eighteen hours of having a heart i've stopped heart according to the sun he i know he was able to be resuscitated eighteen hours after his oregon stop they said his ability to survive should have been zero but they said that his body temperature dropped which probably protecting his brain and other organs fascinating more of the dana show coming up knife control which would be a great band into further.

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