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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with Neo me Watterson Albert, Frederick? High. This is naming lattice. Welcome to the. Shots myself. Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. On its relationship to creativity, mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise die right. It gives me great pleasure. Another say that pleasure underlined because it's a dear friend of mine may eat talks. Who is a writer published show? Ben Curator. Social Commentator Dad. Lovely Person Coke can I throw in Clare. You can throw in Cook. We have to cook to eat. We have to eat to live, and but you love your food so I. I do I do. Highlight out. So in a with these interviews. What happens is. Ever since quite intuitive, have a bullet point list of things I want to ask and at first I was asking people what was life before the global pandemic. What was it and I was very important question to ask? But I thought I'm just GONNA. Go a totally different angle. Was You today? And I was thinking about you in publishing because. That seems very important question, which is also by the pandemic is about people's relationship to reading and two books, and how books can but lights our very own time machine. You know they can take us forward. They can take us back. They can take us all over the place in the specially. When we're talking about poetry and poetry, it's. Such an important thing when we're going through turbulent times to record the change and to give people hope and for people to find some resonance with as a backdrop. Can you tell me? When did you so I? Have your publishing vision because it's a big thing to be a publisher? You know to suddenly say yeah. This is this is a big things might not make me a lot of money. It might be a little work I'll be working with writers loveliest they are. They're not always the easiest people to work with my savings myself I'm. When did you first get back vision? And then how long you getting the vision to the actually become a reality. So I think. For Me Seth. I thought about as a big thing. I probably would never have started it. is precisely because it's not as a small thing. That I'm still here. Probably. so I always worked with words. I I mean I was assigned student right through school. I work has a scientist after I graduated. But I always had a love affair with books in reading, and that's Love Leagues in my family. My entire family is composed of scientists who love music and reading..

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