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Yes. The cross ice pass. Could it's above the top of the circles in his. Carlsson Karlsson does have a good shot. And it is a long time. But Vassil Levski is going to stop that ninety nine times out of one hundred Carlson, maybe didn't get all of it. But still at the same time. Even if he does that's the pass and the shots that you can give up it's not close enough to work and get that philosophy and goodbye backs from Linz. The Gotham snap goes of luck point process. Is nets operate circle Lucy point. Ovechkin shoots cut the white left. John Carleton Calvo, let circle process operates circle minute. Twenty-five luck getting Kuznetzov four three lightning late. Nets off look at things over appoint Ovechkin Dr coups nets off top of the right circle. Holding onto it. Looking to make a play feedback. Yes. Jonah slot. Bought up by the Lasky, what await left because Neth again, right circle shoots. More of a routine save that time for philosophy. Stamkos in the near corner. Under pressure under better to go its regained by back. Some left corner circle Kuznetsov was not top of the six on five. He was he was gonna pass like he did on the earlier secrets buddy shot at for the right circle. And is a four four game of fifty two point six seconds. Locked up all the shots that go in this one seems the most curious vassal left. He's been under siege here throughout this game. But Kuznetzov just walk in off the right wing side. And he's there from about angle that was really just a shot to try and get a rebound because again, they had net present Baxter right there on the edge of the paint Wilson also couple of feet out. So this was simply want to try and get it to the front of the net, bats left. He just missed it. You just missed that one. And it's tied up at four four. There's net south has twenty goals now on the year, docs, rumble get it assist. He's the one who fed across eyeso- four four Holte factor that Tyler Johnson but doers. The puck out the center ice, MS own and LARs L A. Rams it back into lighting zone. Final thirty nine seconds regulation. Point to center. Let's sit in. Miskin? And by the Washington, nap cleared around the Baltic panel. Away with the lightning zone is checked by headmen. We taught trying to clear our blocked if it comes back to had been by the lightning goal. Nineteen seconds left in regulation bicker heaven out to center ice the red line. Bob's it in just plays. It the far side cobbles tall Haglund nine seconds left. He's detectives folded into the lighting zone. We will have overtime. Feet here. Bats have six shots to the third. They had some bursts of pressure power-play chances six on five. Certainly they applied a lot of pressure. And they get the game tied of the goal from Kuznetsov overtime. Brought to you by orange theory, fitness keep burning. She gets the second assist. There was a battle of the corner and the cops came up with their backs from eventually PETA crawfish because nets up who put it in. It overtime games is year. Lanier twelve and four they are six and three in the OT six and one of the shootout capture nine and seven overall five and six in overtime four and one of the shootout. Go back to that say by Hopi on kucherov when it was sort of a mini two.

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