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Their triple crown on should be a fun renewal of the breeders. It'll be real fun of rising. Star gets their twelve wanna so i would think it's the fun of the day from being on for for everyone. We like any twelve to one no matter where they run. We do we absolutely do <hes>. We'll talk pacific classic with tom. Robinson dallas stuart a little later on in the program <hes> we have a couple of breeders cup winners running today jay walking around mammoth slowly liberals back back in the green flash at del mar five furlongs. You and i spent a good deal of time talking about this race last night for a field of six that can that contains contains a two-time breeders cup winner and stormy liberal and awards for the course and eddie haskell who six or seven del mar in his career. This is a interesting race for just feel the sex yeah i mean it's it's talented and there's a ton of speed in here. I think that's the main thing is that the tasinari looking like. It's going to be pretty fast early and i don't know if the if the speed horses are going to be able to sustain their runs after it'd be softened up by one another. I think we're both in agreement that stormy liberal should get the best trip <hes> right behind the early pacesetters and not i too far away because he's certainly not a slow horse by any stretch of the imagination but undrafted the old geezer nine years old a a million and a half earnings and and he's been in really good form this year. I think the racist that he's run have been excellent <hes> even his last race of the year last year that he wanted at churchill downs on the yielding surface was was really good in two races. This year have been excellent celente. He shortens up a little bit to five furlongs. He's he's one going five for a long so not impossible but the pace is going to be fast and he's going to be flying at the end so <hes> it's a it's a really interesting race in a race where i don't think you can dismiss anybody. That's in here real and he has one of those races where anybody can win. I hate those because those are the days when i when i had the all button erasing that stormy liberal ones by eight and based four twenty. It's amazing how that seems to work. Obviously doesn't always work that way but certainly would seem to work. The del. Mar oaks is wide had open <hes> the other grade one on the card out until molitor on this afternoon on that at about eight thirty tonight. It'll be field of fourteen in three year. Old fillies chased grade one. You'll lucid grade one. If you will have believe if i'm not mistaken that they're <hes> <hes> they're all chasing their first grade one win <hes> which of course the phillies is funny or some form of the phillies at super super super important. That's as wide open a great one. Is you're going to say yeah. There's there's a lot of nice phillies in here. A lot lot of phillies with talent to the pace scenario should be fair <hes> their their speed..

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