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Of the police officers portion of the story you've got a fifty eight year old man, his sixty nine year old wife, and they are having a quote, meth fueled death party. Good morning, everybody eight oh seven and this is in Minnesota. All right. So when we when we last left, here's what officers who received a nine one one call by the dude his name is Dwayne Johnson. Not the rock. So we're all clear here. So Dwayne Johnson called nine one one around noon reported that his wife had died. Officers say they arrived at the home found the words death party party spelled P A P A R D E God hell spray painted on the front door. They observed a naked Dwayne Johnson run outside saying that his wife died then run back inside and run into a bathroom jump into a bath. Police say when they entered the the bathroom he was in the tub hallucinating trying to wash white and black things from his skin. Whereas Ross calls it Friday. Okay. Deborah Johnson spotty. The wife found wrapped in a sheet on top of the stairs. So that's where we left. You probably have a lot of questions. I and a lot of questions. Let me attempt to answer them. See according to the story his wife. Deborah had been living in a nursing home. With some significant health issues and. She was she was in the final stages and made a decision to not take her medication anymore and wanted to go out with a bang. So her husband came and actually retrieved it from the nursing home just a few days before that she she told staff she wanted to die at home. According to Johnson. They then decided that they would throw a party for themselves. And take a bunch of meth. And I don't know if he was attempting to kill himself as well. Or this is just, you know, for the for the wife, but that's how they wanted to do basically have her odiaun meth, the they would this is their plan as stated they would take a bunch of methamphetamine and then spend their final hours together having sex and listening to quiet riot. Because the last thing I want to here's Randi Rhodes shredded man, it's a sweet story, man. They say love is dead. You know, by the way, which is your favorite your favorite.

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