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So The Knicks are not in the playoffs at the moment, but they're a team that young up and coming and they're tough. You have to beat those teams. Then again, like you said, When you play the top echelon of the MBA, you wish that they were more competitive in those match. That's what that's the growth and wanted to see from this team right Last year, we saw them. Beat up bad teams. We saw them play okay against mediocre teams, and we saw them get blown out by good teams by really good teams. That's kind of the trend we're seeing now, like They're beating up and they have one more against the Knicks tomorrow. Then they play the magic, and then they play the Wizards. I want to see them beat up on the bad teams. I want them to see beat up on the mediocre teams, and I want to see them compete with the good teams. I want them competing with the Lakers when Anthony Davis and LeBron James or both on the floor. I want them competing with the Celtics. I want them competing with those teams, and not not just being like. Oh, hey, we beat the Knicks and covered You know, like, okay, that's cool, but The Knicks aren't that good? They're one of the better. They're one of the best defensive teams in the league. Sure, but they can't score. Now. You are one of the better offensive teams in the league, but you can't stop anybody. So yeah, it's great. Zach Levine hit a three to ice the game. Awesome. Get all of it are mentions whatever. When they start to do it against the Lakers and the Celtics and the really good teams. That's when you can get a palm or mention to be like Hey, there, there there, Max players, all right, fine. Sure, then they are. When they don't show up against good teams. What good does it do you well, and that's why basketball so great basketball is not a one play makes a player Ask Paul is not a one defensive, miss Take turns that guy into being a crappy defender. See what I'm saying. So I'm not going to do this back and forth like the true biscuit deal where we told everyone that your biscuit was no good and we were proven right. But then everyone's chirp in every time he makes a five yard completion. Mm. And then people, we all you see that Dollar. You see it black that win. That's not what we're doing. If you watched Zach Levine. He's a very productive offense, a player Winds have not been there and with the whole context, exactly. Wien is under the idea that he's under contract for this season and next season in the league Stars start to look for that next contract that you're out. Jack Levin at the way he is playing right now he's likely to be an all star this season, he is likely to demand a Max contract and so bulls fans have to kind of set in their mind. You have cap space going forward. Is it a player like Zach Lavine that you're hoping to spend your max space on And then in that same conversation, which we had with Soviet today, Bottle and Sylvie earlier, you can check the podcast on the ESPN Chicago app. I'm sure we'll get into it more tomorrow as well since they had the short show before Notre Dame basketball, But you have to have the same thought process. When comes a lot. Re marketing marketing will be a free agent in the summer. And and someone is going to offer him something So like the Bulls are going to be singing a spot where you're gonna have to offer a contract. I would guess somewhere between like 75 $85 million Lottery marketing. And if that's what you're going to do, if you're committing to that I'm not saying it's right or wrong. But if you're committing to that, then that means those two players of the players after lead winning, and that's not something we've seen here with either of them. We've seen inconsistency with marketing, but with both on the floor, how consistent together have they been in winning basketball games? Because if that's what you're banking your future on, that's what that's where the money is going to be tied up on. I know that you can kind of You can have almost three max players on a team contract wise and then you worry about luxury tax and all that, But I would imagine like So you're going to say that free agents Okay, We have Lori and Zach Levine. Do you want to join these two? I don't know if that's as desirable as when someone who's disgruntled like James Harden. She's Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving playing together like I don't think it has the same. No, because as the same buzz to it, you know it doesn't It's not. It doesn't hit the same. But if this team was competitive against the really good teams, you know if you were if you were losing Why, if you were losing by double digits to the Lakers, right if you weren't losing by double digits to the Celtics, If you were competing against good teams night in and night out, it's a different conversation. Actually, if you make a run like Let's say you make the playoffs this year. If you are a set, let's say you're seven seed. If you knock off the two seed and you're like, and you showcase yourself and players were sitting at home, and they're like, you know what this sack Levina modern marketing combination. Patrick Williams is playing really well. Kobe whites figured stuff out like if that is the case, and then you can convince a player to join that group..

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