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At the henry have a very merry christmas and a happy new year vr him young reward rules all views your host ryan pill way welcome on indicated already night happy monday everybody start a little bit about your san francisco giants in what lies ahead now any good gm needs to have a plan is to have a plan for the plan in then a backup plan for the plan in a backup plan for the backup plan if not stanton then who and i think at that point your situation based on the crop of free agents out here and and the guys that are available via trade i mean you're probably looking at renzo cane maybe which i know it's just it's not that excited he could be an ancillary peace but that can't be your big move but don't trip for for a couple of weeks who was looking like reassigning dave righetti was looked like he was going to be the big move if nothing else the giants are actually putting forth an effort to try and get this thing shored up and as i laid out last segment because of the limitations was stanton in the marlins level of flexibility withstand being able to decide where he goes and the story is that he's already shut down the idea being moved boston which makes no sense to me because he could about nine million home runs of apart and then st louis as well he wants.

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