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Sharing mentally and today I'm with Angelique Ingram. Angelique is a life coach. And she's writing her first book so thanks Angelique. Thank you for having me anything else you WANNA. Let's say about the life coaching or your book. Yeah I'm a founder and the the owner of of mindful journey to freedom and I work with a lot with the Women Patriots Patriots women who relocate for their spouses career paths who find themselves having no difficulties simulating So I really enjoy connecting acting with women from around the world's and I'm also writing my first non fiction book which is really a memoir of my own autoimmune disorder and my journey through that and help brought me into mindfulness. And I think that's going to be a fascinating book. 'cause I already got a little bit of it and I'm excited so you think so we're here at your home and Swan of each. Yeah and I love slaughter beach and so for those who've never been to San Diego or even slow on a beach let's give our audience a description of what they could expect Spector how they would feel being here. What what this place is about? Yes Lana beach is a great beach community. It's very small very intimate and facing a very very safe. You know there's never any real issues that go on in this in this community. It's a great spot for people who just want to relax kick-back maybe enjoy some music. A Nice dinner do some shopping go down the beach read a book. You know it's very it's a great Turestski spot as a lot of our terrorist. Come out here. People who know of it a lot of people know Hoya Coronado and places like that. The Salang impeach doesn't really get a whole lot of sure as them but I mean I wouldn't say that Solana beach is very quiet. It is It's very walkable bowl. You could easily take the train and pretty much walked the whole downtown. And it's really. I think better known for like the design district rights are upscale artsy. I would say I think that there's really out sense of family here in Homey Louis. Oh that's what we love about it here. It's not like a very large and it's got a lot of you know big buildings with lots of office space and that's not what you really find a long beach is very lucky. In that sense for transportation I would always. I would take the train if if you don't have a car rider it would. It'd be pretty easy to do that. Very easy from downtown San Diego No from ocean side the Northern County. And then if you WANNA stay here it's probably a little bit expensive just because it is a upscale beach community but you said that there's a few places that your friends have said that you really like yeah there's tons of AIRBNB which are great but there is a couple of hotels and that we have here we have the Marriott courtyard which which is just recently been renovated And a lot of our friends like to stay there they love it. They're never have any issues and the Holiday Inn as well which is a smaller Holiday Inn. But it's a lovely little hotel that is also an option and we mentioned that shopping is really really big hero. Yeah we love our C.. Dress designed district. Yes this one. I mean it's just one St. It's not like it's gigantic. Although there you said that there was a shop that you wanted to shout out because it's like getting the street yes it's down Towards the five more and it's an Islamic Beach Plaza shopping center there's a marshalls and places like that Chimera but there's a little bit take their that used to be on stage dressed trespass they've moved recently and it's called wax and whimsy and it's a great spot to like a gift to others clothing in there there's candles and things like like that is just a level spot there and I always like to give a shout out to them because they don't get noticed. Yeah Yeah so then. Speaking of Cedras were some of the stores that you like personally. Though some of the stars that I like front. Maples is a great little shop very audible audible clothing retail for women and for children. She's been there for a long time. I was named grandmother. I believe shoes as well. Oh you know accessories and things like that there's also a shot call cedras souls on Cedras Cedras soul remember. Now they have a lovely selection of shoes acquires first and then they also sell tons of clothing for him and her A little bit more upscale ish but really nice brands that you can find there and there's also so lotus which is a great shop. It's like a huge warehouse and there's over a hundred probably a little bit less now vendors inside that still will have their own little stalls and they all present their whatever their skill or they have tons of our artisan come from handbags to to clothing to homemade crafts and things like that jewelry Great another place great To go for for gifts and let's see there is also a shop call Tada and that's more of a home decor shop where he can find framers ms in rugs and lighting also gifts. You know they have tons of candles and things like that. So that's a great little shop. And then there Suzanne on SEDRO SUZANNE WHO's on has a lovely clothing line from around the world mainly Brazil Italy and places like that ads and really unique things that you can find from Ponchos to tops to dresses and and they also incorporated a lot of jewelry from Brazil. And it's just gorgeous. I've bought few items from them. They're just really lovely pieces things that she could just never find anywhere else. And there's also so solo which is another place for gift shopping. They have a lot of coffee table books. Things like that on guard mean Europe places. You want to go see and they also have things like jewelry stationery Purses thousand candles and things like that. I mean just all spread around the whole the whole warehouse lovely shop and let's see there's also a small shop called blue loose sands and the gallant opened this just recently. I think it was just a few years ago. She opened fair day. Here's her name. And she's got a lovely shopped for for. I think it's geared more towards the younger gals they just cute little tops and shorts and jumpsuits and things like that and lots of jewelry. Lots of local shirts and you know baseball caps to buy and it's really cute shop and that's actually she's next to the westbound. They just hoping not too long ago and then we have bixby and ball which is also a home decor place. And she's she's got a lovely shop there as well a lot of betting. Let a kitchen things for your kitchen. Great for candles. She's got a lot of great candles in in there as well. And Yeah cookbooks and things like that. So that's what she's got there at Bixby a ball and I believe that's pretty much what we have about their. I'm sure I'm missing a lot. There's a you know still ever Lard. If they all sound like so unique. Oh yeah they are. They're very unique. Let's talk about coffee. the-in Brunch You had mentioned when we were talking earlier that there's some really fun places. Yeah there are. There's Lotus cafe. Fa Skirt outlets lofty sorry lofty cafe and they have some really great coffees there. They have things like a Turkish Turkish lothair which is made with cardamom and margarine and dislodge different spices. And it's very nice and then the you know they have the poor over as well and they of course they have baked goods and things like that and outside seating which is really nice very packed a lot during the day and there's also barefoot barefoot coffee roasting coffee barefoot roasting company and they're from northern California. But they just opened their shop not too long ago on the far end of south. CJ hosts great coffees there as well. do a lot of over and they have a lovely outdoor seating with little fire pit there and it's nice nice to just sit out there and meet a friend or do some work or whatnot and there's also the Salona beach roasting company which is across the way right off the one on one and it's like a little kiosk house and they've been there forever obviously in But they do know watch Hayes and a couple of Chino's and things like that and they have muffins and all kinds of pastries and smoothies. They make smoothies as well And they're they're really nice people people there so that's a good place and there's also Madeleine's which is back we're back on Cedric's again. Madeleine's is their their French bistro and and they do lovely Low Taes Pacino's as well as very nice branches serve. You know they have wine as there as well Alan Champagne and really nice makes benedict's you know you've got the French toast of course and he makes fresh baguettes everyone one comes in for their fresh baguettes. Nice and then you had mentioned clarice is also yes that's right clair's Mara North Sudras. And and she opened several years back but she grows all her own herbs on the premises on the property. And that's what they used to cook a lot out of. It's very healthy. Beautiful Little Place Little House. There and great breakfast is only open for breakfast and lunch every once smell. She'll try she'll open up especially for dinner and they'll have a nice menu for dinner but we have yet to catch one of those evenings and it's it's a great as always very pack especially on the weekends gotta get there early or expect at least an hour. Wait to get in there. But she's got a nice little backyard patio. People looking sit outside and the inside seating is very nice and then she opened right next door to the house like a little walk in kind of pickup up coffee. If you're on the go and you just WANNA pop any pick up one of her baked goods. She makes lovely shortbread cookies which has hurt her signature. Sure little thing so yeah. It's really nice. They're very very busy about the restaurants doing about your favorites here. One one of my favorite restaurants is also say no one knew a new restaurant. Here in town Healthy tweak on Mexican food very nice ice upscale really perfect for a date night and there's also The blue note which is on St Joe's and Contemporary Korea Merican food luckily service great food. We like to go there as well on a more casual now. We have pizza port best pizza in town and there's also tease cafe which is a very family oriented old diners kind of restaurant where you can go and just got a nice big bowl oatmeal or you know scrambled eggs. That kind of thing with Make the best bloody Marys say and they also so have a fire pit inside which is really nice makes it nice and cozy and then we also have Sushi station down the road from them which is a great rick. Great spot for Sushi Best Sushi and also there's tidewater which is on the same boardwalk there And they make great burgers isn't chicken wings. They have tons of screens to watch football. And they have pool tables in there. So very family oriented and then We have chiefs which is another sports bar like and they have create workers there to allow their fish tacos. The owners the broncos Fan so he's got a lot of broncos memorabilia in there but yeah that's a great spot very friendly there's also alphonse owes Afonso a Mexican restaurant and he had his first restaurant in. I believe it was on the Julia. I remember that one. That was first stratton when I visited San Diego..

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