General Michael Flynn, Fox News, FBI discussed on Glenn Beck


So if you're traveling on weight Station Road at poplar avenue, be careful as you make your way around it. Also, looking at some delays on I fifty five northbound between Crump boulevard and metal museum drive. So downtown gonna be go also of you are on Brooks road. Westbound between mill branch road in lake new wrote as well as eastbound between leg road in fifty five you're going to be pushed back slightly as well. More that you traffic. News. I'm lilian. Woo. Former national security adviser General Michael Flynn is at a federal courthouse in DC where he learned shortly. What his sentence will be for lying to the FBI office of special counsel last night released the so-called FBI three o two's from Flynn's interview back in January twenty seventeen. Fox's John Roberts says those lay out the falsehoods the general told Clinton telling agents said he did not ask Russia to vote in a certain way on a UN Security Council resolution on Israel and did not ask for Russia to moderate its response to the expulsion of thirty five diplomats as punishment for hacking. We have since found out that Flynn did. In fact, ask for both of those things and Elon Musk space x halting as launch of a navigation satellite for the us military. It's the space transportation companies, I designated nationalist national security mission for the country. This Fox News. Never want for news, talk and sports this holiday season. What do you want for Christmas? Mr president. I want a big beautiful steel reinforced fifty foot high heavily armed border wall. Christmas from six hundred W R, E C and ninety two point one.

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