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All right, Wayne. So you've got this massive story about ten cents and bright games and the tricky relationship between the two companies. And I, I mean, if if you haven't read the story, I don't speaking to our listeners here. You should just read the whole thing. It's lengthy, but it goes into such details about, you know how these companies are trying to make it work, even though there's occasionally differing different strategies in different philosophies. But I mean, just right off the bat, Wayne, like what was your instigating factor in wanting to look at these companies in the story? I mean, what was like the first thing when you're like, I should probably investigate more about what's going on here. Well, it's it's interesting because. You know, I kind of been covering tents, not an off at my previous job at the Wall Street Journal. And occasionally, you know, sources would say, oh, you know, these companies don't get along, but they, they really couldn't really articulate why. But the telling thing wasn't two thousand fourteen. They opened up an office in Hong Kong Ryan. You know, that was very curious for a lot of people in the industry because they said, well, ten cent takes care of the game in China. So why do you need like you know, white? Why do you need riot open up a another office? Why does the ride just use Henson's offices? So that was sort of the inkling that there was something that that wasn't rights? Yeah, let's let's talk about that because that was one of the more interesting. I mean, there are so many, but one of the parts of really stuck out about the story. So explain to me this like rogue tencent riot office. Well, I mean normal outsider when they see that a company is owned by a much larger company, they just assume that everything's in sync, right that the subsidiary checks with the parent company before they do anything. That everything's gonna coordinated in in riots case though, because it operated as almost a separate company, you know, they were kinda just trying to do their own thing. I'm tencent knew about the office, but it was it was more when rights started to do things in China, that tencent wasn't happy with that right. Allow this conflict of came about. Right. So what were some of the things you mentioned in the story, but just for people who haven't ready yet? What were some of the things that right was doing? The tencent wasn't thrilled with well? Sure. Well, you have to go to the motivations first. So the idea is that the people at riot, they make their money from legal revenue tencent doesn't give them like an allowance or anything like that every year..

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