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Well, hello and thank you to the dulcet tones of our wonderful, wonderful listener, Steve armor, who was just introduced the show there. We love you all, but he is one of our very favorite listeners. He sends us emails that make us cry on a semi regular basis and it's very fitting that he should be the one to introduce this our tenth anniversary show. This day, ten years ago, David and I was sat in David's parents dining room, making audio history. Yeah, trying to work out other microphones worked. Two different microphones. Sounded completely different from each other, but you know. How are they celebrating their tenth anniversary? I hear you ask, well, I've worn my jazziest eyeshadow. Matt has worn his jazziest shirt. David woke up extra early to listen to episode one. Correct. Did you? Yeah. How was that? It was, I thought it was all right. To be honest, you know, I might have come back for episode two, especially since Carlos moya was in it. Gaston gaudio is an episode too. That pulled the punt is in. Anyway, there's more, folks. There is more. Because joining us for this tenth anniversary episode is a woman that we all still can't really believe we get to call our friend and the 1977 French Open mixed doubles champion. It's only merry carillo folks. I'm delighted to be a 45 years ago. Some Italian journalists told me that the other day. And he said, how does that feel? I said it feels like it was a long longer. Yeah, yeah. Do you know the date when is your, when is your anniversary? Will you and John B not a clue in the clue back? Will you also have champagne and madeleines with candles in? Like we're doing right now? I'm guessing no. Should I tell David the omelet story? Yes, please. All right, so David, so 45 years ago, John's 18, I'm 20 years old. First time either one of us has ever been to Paris, not one of us has any French. Three of our friends from Douglas in this tiny little town, I ended up introducing them to the late grade, but Collins, and he said, which one of you is the mayor? Anyway. Anyway, we go to just have breakfast at one of those outdoor cafes. And no one's coming to help us. No one's coming to wait on us. And the only thing I knew how to say is omelet de fromage. Okay? Which. It's a strong order. So all we wanted.

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