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Aaron Rodgers is kind of I duNno a mysterious figure at least to me because he he can be very persnickety you and all that stuff but I just simply do not deny his football brilliance and I just I think as long as he can stay healthy and play play the way he manages his body now and you know he used to have some and he called. It wants to be used to have some ice cream fat on them. You know but I don't know that. He has much much fat of any scored on his body anymore because he has managed to take care of himself at almost a Brady radio type level. Yeah well there's there's so much money in it first of all to not For these guys that are that good that can play in their early forties maybe mid forties. If you believe what Tom says or you know if you if you read the quotes by drew brees a couple of years ago you know there's there's there's good reason to keep your body as as Well conditioned is these guys do and yeah. I think what I said was what I and I only know this because I I saw it on a highlight That I came across. I'm not like rehearsing my lines From the game that I just just did but it was like what a throw. What a catch? What a time for it and it was perfect was the perfect is the perfect time for a great throw? Throw in a great catch when when the game was on the line and and you cover these games and have a lot longer than I have but you don't you don't get those singular singular moments every week especially in a divisional playoff game where it's like. Wow that that just won the ball game. That might not have totally want it. But for the most part it got him to midfield or beyond a little bit or close to it with two minutes left and it would have taken something miraculous from Russell so Wilson then they get the next one and the game's over so I yeah I it was special in in any time. You go to Lambo. And he's plan or before him far you know the odds. Rei probably going to see something like that. coolest thing that night. I was sitting there in the press box. Afterwards till may be about one fifteen or one thirty and there were that many people left and at one point I look out and there's a snow globe right outside the window and I said this is i. I only wish it was snowing like this during the game it would have been a lot of fun. But there's something about going to Lambeau and seeing January game in Lambo. I'm just a sucker for it. I don't know that was really one the other day yeah. I don't know how you couldn't be I feel the same way and to be able to sit there and open when those windows and call that game and present it we had blimp. Shot that That showed it a couple times coming back from break in. It looks like they. Were you know low hanging clouds and You know kind of almost like smoke around the lights and then that place all lit up and everything else dark around it In Green Bay just makes it just a beautiful scene and I I think close to it was old candlestick and Kinda the camera angles there and growing up watching Joe Montana on TV. Just light up the world And and kind of the look of that old stadium and now we're going to Levi stadium which just hosted its first forty niners playoff game and You know they're they're they're primed and ready. I'm with you I mean I I think Aaron Rodgers makes them dangerous but The entire team everything that the forty niners have going on. There's a reason they're seven point favorite favorite and they're going to be awfully hard to beat and they got healthy at the right time and and it all matched up to what should be a really memorable game. And maybe memorable run for this Kyle Shanahan. Hey Joe thanks a million for doing this. It was fun talking to you anytime. Peter Thank you want to talk for a moment about some of the other stuff It's like prime season for really interesting. Content on NBC. SEE SPORTS DOT com. Chris Simms unbuttoned and the PF PM. PODCAST are both really really good this week. I Love Chris. Simms breakdown of the playoff games. You Really WanNA listen to both of those. We've got a cool extended feature feature on forty niners tight end George kibble that's on the NBC. Sports Youtube page some really interesting in enlightening stuff from him and his family. You know his dad was a an Iowa. Hawkeye a generation or so before George Kibble was Just some really interesting stuff about a guy. One of the new and bright stars in the National Football League and also when you go on the Youtube page a nice little feature with Patrick Mahomes and Brett farve throwing. The football around won't brag about that but I'm pretty proud of that one. That was one of mine. And that's the kind of good evergreen material that you're going to see when you go to. NBC Sports Dot Com and and look at our youtube channel with all of the NBC. Sports stuff that just makes you a smarter fan and and now my conversation with Harry Carson of the Fritz Pollard. Alliance back on the podcast so happy to be joined by Harry Carson the pro football hall of fame former Linebacker for the New York giants I covered Harry Carson in his prime in the nineteen eighties. Please as a beat writer covering the giants got to know him some and have remained close to him somewhat close storm through the rest of his life and was very very glad to see that that Harry Carson was appointed executive director of the Fritz Pollard. Alliance which I think is an absolutely Invaluable piece of the puzzle and a huge sort of lobbying aid for so many causes. Probably the foremost of which is today. I would call it now. SORTA the plight of African American coaches in the NFL. And so Harry. Thanks a lot for joining me Peter. It's a pleasure to be on with you. let me correct you had ascended to the role of chairman Rod Graves. She's now executive director of the Fritz. Pollard Okay Alliance and You know we've been working on this issue for about sixteen seventeen years since two ruining rule was wasn't acted so You know we have good years and then we have some not so good years. Yeah I think Harry the way I certainly look at this. I wrote about it in my column this week. And and I said the year the Rooney rule was enacted there in two thousand three the NFL had three black coaches one. Black general manager in no majority black owners and those numbers are precisely the same in two thousand twenty or will be precisely the same and That has to be a little bit disturbing to someone who basically has helped lead the fight to increase the ranks of minority coach's well it is disappointing that we have not We we don't have better numbers. And and then you see we have four minority coaches who are in place. Mike Tomlin Ron Rivera. Brian floors and Anthony Land and You know we've been up to as many as I think. Seven or eight but yeah. We're we're I'M NOT GONNA be deterred. We're not going to Look at this as a setback or anything like that. We're going to continue to do what we can to advocate on behalf of minority coaches to basically a even the playing field if possible if that is indeed all possible to give them a fair shot at Becoming head coaches and general managers in the National Football League. That is what we are that what we've been created to do and that's what we do as I said You know some been some some good things that we can sort of look too but then there are so many more things that we really need to work on you know. I proposed a couple of things this week. Harry very two of which I'm curious to get your thoughts on one is to perhaps extend the Rooney rule to coordinators as well. We'll just to give guys who have not maybe interviewed or not gone down that road. I mean Joe Judge with the giants absolutely totally came out of nowhere. As I said the day he was named I could not pig. I've never talked to Joe Judge and I couldn't pick them out of a lineup. I I didn't I didn't the day he was named. I said I do not know what Joe Judge looks like. I've never seen them. I mean I've seen you know but in the Patriots in the as you know in the Belichick way there could be a lot of anonymous people in that organization but so there's the possibility of extending the Rooney rule to coordinators and also to help increase the number of minority coaches coaches at those what I would call pipeline positions ofensive quality control quarterback coach offensive coordinator that you mandate ah every team that has a new coach has to hire one minority coach in those pipeline positions. At least one out of the three now that is a that would be almost a revolutionary thing. Where you're mandating that For for an owner to do but I I keep thinking how is it going to change unless people are forced. And I'm curious to coordinators and maybe one out out of the three in the in what I would call the pipeline positions because owners love offensive coaches. Do you have any feeling about whether either one of those might make sense. Well I think they make sense. But I think we've proposed that with the League in the past and that has not necessarily been a an issue that They have been willing to promote. Let's keep in mind that We as an organization and we work with the League and the National Football League. cannot mandate eight anything to be owners of of the member clubs to to adopt. So you know it's been a situation relation where I have to say in all honesty. The League has been very cognizant of this issue and they're very very concerned about this issue but you cannot force men and women who own who are billionaires who own franchises franchises to do certain things that they don't WanNa do it has to be up to the owner and that is the beauty of the Rooney rule because it wasn't about individuals on the outside promoting that that was that was Dan Rooney. He was the one one who promoted the Rooney rule and and when they went out for a vote all of the owners voted for it. But now it seems like everybody's trying to circumvent bent the rule. And do what they WANNA do In regards to hiring minorities that the upper echelon position so you know they're individuals who are in the pipeline. Now that are learning coming in and we'll get better at their their craft their their skill. But still it's about you know those owners you know taking taking a chance and I'll be able to say that I think the individuals who are being interviewed they have the right stuff and you look at any read. And you talk about Eric. Bana me. He knows what AIRBNB is is ready ready to do but I think with the owners while they know that airbnb enemy is an outstanding coach or coordinator. They don't necessarily want to see Eric. B enemy or any other African American turnover monarchy Coach become the face of their organization..

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