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And he hasn't lost at seven years. The idea that he's being asked to make another latte move is so insulting on the other hand. What benefit is he really going to get by sitting out unless he gets a lucky break with somebody else's injury. Does anybody know now nonetheless like save he were to fight Dostam poi- for that? Interim title you're knocking out a contender you're knocking out another guy who's gunning for that spot. So if you're not came out, and then you I mean, if I would say after twenty in the most disturbing contender would it be done? Important. He's coming off a loss. Then you can't make that match up with a champion. Right. So you're just basically claiming your your your shot, you know, even more, but I feel like Tony Ferguson position. Where like, dude, you know, fighting is definitely not a healthy thing to do. I've already put in so much work. I've gotten injured very to become internship, like I don't need this BS like I already deserve it period. But yeah, I think it would help something right? If you were to fight final thoughts on this. Okay. Let's talk about this one not a great topic to get to. But we have to get to jump around space on time constraints. Matt Hughes was in the news this week because his well his wife has filed for divorce, but currently his wife and his twin brother Mark folks, remember fought in the UFC UFC twenty eight and two thousand have both filed restraining and been granted restraining orders against him for what the was alleged to be a pretty difficult bout with the mystic violence. I'm the one with his brother deal with his brother, son nephew. But in the case. His wife is wife claims in multiple occasions. She's been assaulted now. I don't know what extent law enforcement's went to get involved beyond that. But to be clear he has a problem. He has since released a statement saying that they're making me out to be a monster. And it appeared that he was signaling that people are tired of him because of his accident with a train that has caused him to be a burden to others. You can interpret that one of two ways you can say that's a lot of self pity for guy who's attacking other people or you can say that there might be some real medical truth to it. And maybe you know, I don't know what the answer is. But Phoenix you in this one two questions number one. How should the may community view met Hughes given this news and to what if anything should the UFC do about Matt Hughes? There's a lot of ways to compartmentalize how we view people just because someone's a hero in the cage. Doesn't mean they're great person on the outside of it. And I think as I know this about American culture, I can't speak. For every other culture. But the things that we seem to love our, you know, action and hero worship. It's one of the reasons why the superhero movies are so big. And why I do and why football has replaced. Baseball's American pastime, right? Like, we really love these action things, it doesn't necessarily mean that people are all in great people. I don't know Matt us personally, I've actually never met him never interviewed him. I know Pat military who I work with speech, really highly of them all time. But I don't know him as person, I don't know how true or untrue things are. But I definitely believe especially the area that era that he's coming from and the situation that he's been in with that accident. He definitely has some issues that he needs help with. I think the you have C should probably get him help since they have the performance institute. They have all these connections in those areas to maybe get him to see therapists or get brain scans. Or whatever it is. What does that mean for him as a hall of Famer that's really hard to say does that mean that anybody? Who has crimes against them should not be in the hall of fame? That's a possibility to unless there's some sort of redemption that's happened or rehabilitation that's happened within that. I just feel that you know, you can still admire what he's done in the cage also say, Dan, this is a troubled person at this particular time, this is this was the saddest story I've ever seen and there's always that dark side to covering any kind of combat or action sport a lot.

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