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Dollar even a sad week overall. The last few days of kind of been rumored But who are the big winners for the week. All an empty projects the most part for the top five are energy projects actually want to go ahead and looking and number three was so axiom. Binitie last week was at fourteen bucks. This week is a twenty four dollars. It's up one hundred. Fifteen percent boasts. A low is up forty five percent stats is thirty eight percent. I don't even know what stacks is. But i'm gonna take a look at it and snacks dot co whenever we're sharing these guys. These are great. These are great research opportunities. You hear him somebody your week over week. Your same tokens that are going up. That's the central and the manitoba up. Eleven percent and harmony one token percent And then also want to say this. Engine coin Was up nine percent secular that jal one two three four five of the top. Seven performing tokens in the last week are all inequity related to taxes. Now snacks was a better internet. Built on bitcoin's what's tax says it saw nothing there you go a lot more red for the week The biggest loser tell coin down thirty three percent and of course these are the winners and losers from the top one hundred there are coins that have gained more or loss. More overall sushi unit swap. Aeko me all down twenty percent or so thorne chain waves Plenty of red all the way down Some of them not to damaged but Some of them taken a pretty nasty hit. so what is going on in the bitcoin world. Well we could go to coin telegraph dot com and take a look at the latest stories here to take a look at the situation. Which way are things going to break right here. It says it's gone down and reasons why one billion liquidations are west frequent billion dollar liquidations on somebody dropping a whole ton of bitcoin. And it's basically talking here that you know. We got this resistance point of thirty six thousand dollars. It's been hands where i last. It's been a big challenge. But bulls are saying they have less things to worry about is those future contract and so those liquidations could be really once. They started an answering us into the mix. It has impacted the market. Sometimes especially in time of the month comes around where when those future contracts on up and so there you go. So they're saying there's less less risk of those right now and looks like some people are bullish before i'm not i don't really leverage myself. I don't i don't train. New leveraging agile when it comes to those futures contracts and options and stuff. I can't stay away from just because they're just high risk and i'm not to be traded. I put it over there. That's that's all i do is i put. Yeah not not my thank. The bitcoin price is down fifteen percent of the last month but if inflation is rising so the question from this decrypt article is why would that be because typically when you've got. Us dollar inflation. The dow at your dollar is worth less in. That means that you're that the price of bitcoin should because as deflationary up so the theory is by those that look at the data as that. Bitcoin has lost value. Relative to the dollar since inflation started ramping up again according to this piece the market cap. Bitcoin didn't just rise in late. Twenty twenty in early twenty twenty one exploded..

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