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He's more decisive, and it looks like he said, I haven't seen him live yet, but it looks like the ball has a little bit more juice to it. And so I love players like that who have kind of fought all the adversity, have overcome everything. Everyone says, well, if they could win, if it was a different quarterback, if anyone but stetson Bennett, and then he goes and proves everyone wrong. And then he comes back the next year. And he is playing even better. I love guys like that. We were getting ready for their opener against Oregon and you're still reading, they want in spite of stetson benefits with their fans were saying, you know, I think to Todd's point, he's definitely better. To me, it's hard to judge based on this limited sample because he is throwing a lot of these perimeter passes short intermediate passes. So guys who are wide open. And they're super talent. I mean, you and I could complete some of these throws. So yeah, I think when we get into SEC play, we'll find out. I want to Todd from next standpoint. Next level standpoint. It's going to be 25 years old, I believe. That's true. He still 5 11. Now there's been short quarterbacks. There's a shorter quarterback right now and I've learned over the years. You're either going to be the starter and get a chance in the first contract as a first round pick, maybe an early second round pick. Or we're now looking for great backups and maybe once in a while. Once every three or four years, someone who emerges as a late round pick, undrafted player at that quarterback position. But it's all really this year's class. I said it before. Bryce young, CJ strat will levis. Those are the clear cut top guys. You're drafting and giving them 25, 30, $35 million guaranteed in their first contract to be your starter. All these other guys were talking about, it's either potential. Anthony Richardson, Tyler Van Dyke, or can they be great backups for us that maybe one or two of these guys develop into a good starter. Because there's no question you talk to him. He's a leadership guy, rah rah guy, players rally around him. I wondered at the beginning of the year, you know, thinking of Georgia, Jake fromm. A lot of people that Jake from, was going to be a good pro, and then he just didn't, as you know, better than anybody. He's got to have enough zip. The windows get a lot smaller. When stetson Ben gets the NFL, mcintosh and Bowers aren't running free all over the place. The windows are tight. There's very little separation. So I think the question to me that he needed to answer is the arm strength part of it. And I agree with you. I think he has a little bit more on the ball than we've seen in the past. Before you go, because I have a huge Kim tomorrow at Arkansas. The player Bryce young this year, how would you evaluate it? I think it's been great. I really do. We talked about it last time on his own with you. They do not have the perimeter speed. You talk about Henry ruggs, Jerry Judy. Devonta Smith. Jalen waddle. Does that matter? What's the NFL? It's not the same on the outside as an evaluator. You love this. Okay, what are you going to do now, Bryce? Okay. Can you carry this team in so far, he's been great, but there's going to be some moments where they have to overcome that. And it's going to be interesting to see what Nick Saban and what that coaching staff are able to do when they try to game plan because they don't have the same matchup pieces that they've had the last, what, 5 years now? Yeah, I mean, you can go as far back as you want, really. At my question on that, you said earlier, I think it probably jumped out to people that some NFL people you've talked to have levis ahead of Bryce young right now. Guy was magnificent last year one of the Heisman Trophy. And Bryce young is special. Is it size? It is. And everyone said, well, you know, you look at some of the smaller quarterbacks in the league, but they're all kind of thicker and he's lean and shorter. He's small. Relative to most Russell Wilson was 5 5 ten and change, but he was big and he's big and thick and here's 214 pounds. 5 11. A scout I talked to said they had him between 5, ten, 5, 11, and at a 186 pounds. He weighed in that day. This summer. He comes in the two of us, but I also want to make that is a great player. I mean, I don't want anybody to think he's a fantastic player. Take someone who's unique and special to overcome those things. I think he's those things. I really believe that. Yeah. From the very first game. We had their game in a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, the opener last year against Miami and the very first drive wing wing right down the field against Miami team that started the year last year. Stop me if you've heard this before. With a lot of hype. And the hype lasted about two Bryce young possessions marching up and down the field. So he's got all of it. And I don't think that'll hold him back at all. I could do that. I feel like we're going to make this a weekly segment. We're at a bar in your neighborhood. Yeah, we have the same neighborhood. Yeah. The great calm and wealth of Massachusetts. I might have trouble getting in with the southern drawl, but you guys could welcome great to see you. Great to see you. This was fun. It's thoroughly enjoyable. And I'm sure I say that after every guest, but sometimes I fail to, but I mean it here. We're all talking about subjects we love. There you go. No better. Sean Todd, we are back. And we have another one on deck. Jordan

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