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Clear and at the very thought bridge Staten Island bound the lower level is going to be closed for overnight work I'm carried the ball go our next report at twelve oh one up on ten ten wins now the accu weather four day forecast here's meteorologist Carl Babinski with his lab report with plenty of clouds were forty six degrees rain showing up on ten ten wins doppler radar obviously spreading from west to east now it's covering much of northern New Jersey that rain will soak up most of the tristate area during the predawn hours but obviously it's got a little bit to go before reaching the city and it should get here shortly after midnight forty six now will be around forty at daybreak tomorrow this rain out will produce more than half an inch in a short period of time and sold most of the area to come to an end pretty early tomorrow probably by around seven maybe eight AM will be left with plenty of clouds perhaps a touch of drizzle in the afternoon highs within a few degrees of fifty then tomorrow night with a few clouds are low forty eight will occur early temperatures may begin rising late but there will be patches of fog much warmer Friday with variable cloudiness and a few showers highs in the mid seventies then it'll turn colder this weekend Saturday gusty breeze fairly sunny but the high only near fifty it'll feel like it's in the thirty Saturday morning right now cloudy forty six humidity fifty three percent the wind light and variable cloudy forty six were headed down to forty in detail all Mackie with meteorologist Carabins Keanu York's weather station ten ten wins wins news time eleven fifty three the first member of Congress test positive for the coronavirus Florida Republican representative Mario Diaz Balart says he developed symptoms on Saturday and that he later tested positive for covert nineteen he's been in self quarantine.

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