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Out with people. Make your shedding together. I could do those things anyway. Never asked people are vaccinated before. I hung out with them because i'm not a coward. You're not a pussy of your business if anybody else's vaccinated honestly well let's see. She gets a little bit deeper. Here's to her feelings about it. Gratifying feelings. I felt probably in my entire life. I walked around now and feel like i am guarded and safe. Buy something It was like july twenty third somewhere around then that john mcvie sort of came back into the conversation as you know. He supposedly committed suicide ryan in his cell in a spanish prison. I don't know what a month or two ago something like that. It was during the porcupine freedom festival. Okay yeah that's right so you know couple months less than a month two months ago something like that. Mcafee longtime software entrepreneur longtime you know. Eccentric crypto currency advocate questionable. Scam artists. Interesting character we've we absolutely interests we've had him on free. Talk live to take. But i loved him to death. He sent you private messages before pitching questionable cryptocurrency. And so you know he. He would take money from anybody to pip anything. So i mean if mcafee was alive. I don't think he would have taken taken the federal government's money though for for pimping vaccine's but if you had a crypto currency boy. He didn't seem to really care about what it was. He would taken a hundred grand. And you had a crypto. He'd he'd pimp it for you satellite so you mentioned. He had a dead man's switch. That's what everybody was saying. I haven't heard anything about this until tonight. Well that's interesting because it was definitely a lot of buzz around his supposed. Dead man's switch which apparently has activated. Now if you go to britain bog post dot com. You'll see a picture of john mcafee at the top and then dollar sign wack d. Which is his crypto token on the theory in blockchain. The wacked crypto token that he came out with a couple of years ago. You yeah it was a joke coin. Though i mean wasn't like one in six tokens that you sent had a chance to just like disappearing off the blockchain one out of ten actually or one tenth. So one tenth i think of every transaction is burned. Yeah that makes it useless as anything but a joke. I mean it's just a novelty item. That's what you would think. Certainly it is a novelty item but he apparently had a plan with this thing. Sure he did. And so if you then go to a different okay well let me tell you more about what's on brit bog post before i give you the other website so at rip log post. You got wacked. And then it says current burn two hundred eighty eight point five million the the exact number and the next activation colon three hundred million below that there are six spaces or six sort of entry spaces for a pass code. And how do. I know that it's a pass code. Because two of the six are revealed already and you can see the characters that are part of this this password below that is a link that says vault access with a little lock next to it if you click on vault access it takes you to a website called crypt pad dot f. r. so f are believers for france. So we're waiting. Though till sixty percent of john mcafee's wacked tokens are burned. And you end tokyo's directly to the burn address and that i understand it. Yeah joe mcafee for sure. Owns that address. Well i mean he p put the contract together so of course. I mean presumably..

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