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Zip recruiter dot com slash trial. Never wait for weather. Get the store Teammate forecast of the top 30 past each hour on news radio. W F L A just a little cool out there again this morning, but temperature's warmed up pretty quickly. Lots of sunshine, a high today of 82, which is slightly above average, but you get that northeast breeze and a comfortable level of humidity through the day. Unpleasant through the evening with an overnight low of 65 Tomorrow, a little bit warmer 85 with a 10% rain chance that rain chance goes to 30% Friday and with the breeze out of the water northeast at 15 to 20 not small craft exercise. Caution Advisory is up with season 2 to 4 ft. Max to venerate meteorologist Police man. The UV index is five right now mostly clear 66 degrees in ST Petersburg. 59 in line the lakes and 61 at your severe weather station. NewsRadio W Fella Next update at 6 15 on Chris trunk, then hope you're sitting down another dose of am Tampa Bay begins now on news radio. Tell you F L A Good morning. It is am Tampa Bay or am Champa Bai as we call it now, with Jack, Karen, Natalie and Katie and me. What we wait for every webs day and that's webs world which is going to be coming up here right after we hear from John Thomas and traffic. Mosley's on traffic center in Hillsboro stopped traffic on the highway for westbound. Three lanes are blocked because of an accident at I 75 this traffic report is sponsored.

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