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The safety security traffic tip line at 866545 95 95. I'm AJ Springer News Radio. W F L. A It's another in our long stretch of gorgeous weather Pleasant this morning. Warm, sunny this afternoon, comfortable humidity highs near 80, which is slightly above average, but that nice breeze will continue through the day as well. We keep it mostly clear through the evening overnight lows it 60 still blue skies and comfortable conditions tomorrow at 81. There is an exercise caution Advisory upon the waters east winds at 10 to 15 Nazis it 2 to 4 ft. I'm Max, if integrate meteorologist Li Span You heard that safe? Drivers get rewarded with snapshot from progressive, So you went online to check it out. But then you saw an ad for a vintage baseball cap. And now you find yourself checking the status of that team, Second basement and 97 wondering why his stolen base total dropped after his rookie season one of how much his rookie card is worth. Yes, they said it was easy to save money with snapshot from progressive. But they forgot about the rest of the Internet, Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates snapshot not available in California, North Carolina or from all agents when he gets God, Man, This is a place sweater unit up. Whether begins something due to make a big cats in which a Roy Rogers we used big head. It's a youngling beer battered cod fish filet with cheese and tartar sauce on a Kaiser ruled down.

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