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Law some mickey. D's there's food at home but there's no chicken mcnuggets at home okay. Fine that's to ten piece chicken mcnuggets. Have a nice day. So who's going to be sharing some of those chicken mcnuggets. At thought you said there was food at home. You better watch. It can't get this at home meal at mcdonald's where you can get two of your face like a ten piece chicken mcnuggets. Or big mac for just six bucks chrysler. Participation may vary single regular price limited time offer up. It's safe to say twenty. Twenty was one of the most difficult years ever for so many. That's why i'm here to ask you. How can i help. My name is doctor gail saltz. I'm a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at new york presbyterian hospital host of the new weekly podcast. How can i help with dr gail saltz brought to you by the cynical women podcast network and iheartradio. Join me every friday where you can ask your most pressing questions and i will answer with specific advice and understanding. Listen to how. Can i help with dr gail saltz on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast and trending inauguration news from our home station in washington. Dc that it's w. h. u. r. f. m. howard university showtime marching band. That's right will scored vice. President elect kamala harris to the presidential inaugural address. That they're gonna have the drum flagged what and of course the dancers. Yes okay fine. You know i love. That sounds much with. Adc us right now so much pride. That's i love gone. Bp elect while she ep. Now let she's vice. President aaron got security ought to iraq and they read it for. Yeah i just wish. They wouldn't tell everything all their strategies every month they really do. I mean the street and that street and that's s good. Oh that's what i know. We anybody tries to anything they get put putting that paddy wagon they get these charges committee will be. It'll be gone. They have got to make an example. I don't see how they won't make an example out of this. I know. I just don't want it to overshadow joe biden and kamala harris day. That's what i don't want. More of the steve harvey morning show coming up at thirty three minutes after right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning show. What do explorers a former newspaper editor and minnesota insurance salesman have in common. They all wanted to be the first to reach the north pole. I'm cat long signs at our at mental floss and the host of the quest for the north pole. A new podcast lunching january fifteenth about our insatiable desire to explore the mysteries of the arctic. And stand at the top of the world. Iheartradio is number one for podcasts. But don't take our word for it. Listen to the quest for the north pole. Every friday on the iheartradio app. or wherever. You get your podcasts. i'm alec baldwin. Listen to my podcast thing on iheartradio. It's my chance to talk with artists policy makers and performers. I always like to say. I like being an actress but i love being kristen. So i've prioritized that a little bit more than my like desire to spread my wings or prove to people that can be some dramatic actress. If you like listening as much as i liked talking with interesting people go to. Here's the thing dot org and subscribe now on the iheart apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts..

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