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It in RG seven stadium for the fourteenth playing of the academy sports and outdoors Texas bowl Oklahoma state leads Texas a and M. fourteen to seven with five thirty nine remaining in the second quarter through grounds gone the whole way so far hands it to to the harbor in upper gets about eighty yards there on first down public now read away from two thousand on the season coming into this game he left the country your to for contact read right through the arm tackle Eddie Johnson Hubbard bangs into an old man escapes the tackle somehow is able to get another move the chains forward for yard to be third in one but that could have been thirty seven or eight great second effort but you can't say enough what about this break running back out of the big twelve conference is he does want to look at Spencer Sanders checks the football game the redshirt freshman from Denton Texas is started the first ten games at quarterback headphones surgery on his throwing hand is right he is wearing a protective passed around the room this the first time we see nine it it's a design on the right side and it's the same for the cowboys you have to wonder about the ball coming off the bogey surgery like I said he's been practicing split right so we don't know what that means how much of this ninety eight percent through brown.

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