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So has that going to work this year, As you might know. Will there be a zoom, regimented pregame press conference that takes place at a specific time? Or is all of that out the door because writers and broadcasters get a lot of information in those hours leading up to the first pitch that we bring to you, as you know, information and background stuff on the air in print in your case. Will we have any of that? Yeah, There will be new meetings every single day. I believe it will be pre game and post game with the manager from players as well. And the hope is that as we go along, hopefully they think it's safer and safer that maybe we could do in person interviews because you know how it is. There's really no substitute. Even getting Louise RoHaas every single day. Twice a day of you zoom is just not the same when when you don't have that organic nature of asking, follow ups and really seeing over, react the questions in this in that, but we are going on ones too. Yeah, exactly. And and I certainly is a member of the media. I hope that that that is something that could be done from day one, and I don't think there is You know, from my perspective on things. There's an expectation that it's going to be 100% great that it's just going to be like a regular year and we can kind of get what we want. I mean, I can have frankly, my finger On the post of the clubhouse a swell as I would in a normal year. But the hope is that I can, you know, do as good a job as possible and that I'm sure every other media member yourself included feels the same way. Look, it's going to take once again kind of discipline from from us from the club, remember, want to make this work and hopefully Yeah, we do can still get inside meeting with Louise RoHaas everyday meeting with players, even virtually at first just to see what's going on because I think that's a huge part of the fan experience. I mean, it's obvious and bias in the media. But this is Fans really want to know what's going on with you. Especially now. I mean people have been missing baseball. I know there's been a lot of hand wringing about, you know all of the labor issues between the players and the owners, and maybe that's put some people lost in the game. But the end of the day, there's a big portion of the population. That Miss Baseball That's happiest coming back. I'm certainly among that, and she'll have an appetite for what's going on inside the claws Out T on TV every three nights. I just I just want to know if Jeff McNeil I just want to know from Jeff McNeil's mouth. If he's ever double bogey, the hole like a normal person will know I could play that. The answer is no. No, I was waiting. I want to know how his puppy is. I have big. I can tell you that based on the stories are I remember meeting Jeff Feels Pompeo today. Today she came out to the ballpark for the first time and and she got adopted and you know it in the palm of your hand and twice the size of McNeil. Now see those air this things, though, and I dried it up. You know, I'm sort of. Well since I always had big giant German shepherds. I understand it. But you know the thing is that if you want Baseball is so different Tony than every other every other sport, And it's those stories that you're talking about. Which brings the people to the fans. It really does. And I think it loses something backless long to get the game back. You brought up Louise robust. We had a father's Day show last weekend. We had Felipe Alou on the air and I got the feeling and how we tell me if you think I'm wrong, he was more than a little anxious and a little worried about The season. The way it's starting. He wants Louise to get to manage because he for that, and you know what it sounded. He sounded like he's a wonderful man, and we know who he is. But he sounded like a really concerned father. You know, Louise Rosie's been that organizational longtime. What are your feelings about this? And with this really bizarre season with him? I'll tell you why. It's almost like a free season for Louise RoHaas because you know it's let's say the Mets don't do that. Well, they finished. I don't know 30 and 30. They don't really sniffed the playoffs. You can kind of chalk that up. Okay, well with a short fuse, and it was a weird season. I don't think anyone's gonna put a ton of blame on Louise Ross. Unless he really does something spectacularly out of line, which I You could never see happening on but was a God now, exactly. So I think he's kind of free rolling here in that sense, because if they do do well and then make the play offs, dude who's better and let's say we win a championship. That's going to get just a much pop. A zit normally would. And yes, I understand. People are going to try and back that down, no matter what, no matter what team wins in those Seo, it's an asteroid a 16 game season. It doesn't matter you, Adriana. But at the end of the day a championship is a championship. So you know, I think it's Louise Roe has goes well, it's going to come off as a credit to him, and if he doesn't it's kinda going to be easy to brush away and say, OK, we're going into next full season. 2021. You know, you could have optimism that you'll be better so I actually don't think there's all that much pressure on him. Outside of the obvious pressure of first time manager Big market We're talking to Tony Deco, mo of MLB dot com and we know that Noah Syndergaard is gone for the year. We also know that the designated hitter is now a part of the National League or, you know all of baseball this year, even though there really won't be American and national leagues per say when you get down to it, But you know, the Mets lose something with Syndergaard. They gain something particularly significant with a D. H. Do they balance out or two? The Mets gained something here so I still think that's kind of a net loss for the Mets. Noah Syndergaard as much as you could probably say he hasn't fulfilled the expectations the potential of what he could be, and that's because the feeling for him has always been kind of best pitcher in baseball, and he hasn't really been that guy. I still think so lose him for a full season. You're losing Mohr than you're gaining with this idea of using your own assessment that the agent I don't want to prove to everyone who's excited about you on assessment that the age don't really interested myself to see how it looks, but I do. We need to all remember that this is a guy in his very much in his mid thirties now wasn't seen professional pitching in two years, and this assumption that it's just going to go out and be 2015 year when it suspects. I think it might be a little misguided. That's not the same. You can't succeed. I think 10 succeed. I think anyone who all the way he was swinging a bat in spring training knows that he can succeed. But what a success look like. Is it an all Star caliber? No Nelson Cruz type of th I don't know that might be asking a lot. So I think, ideally for the Mets, A good D eight situation includes includes Dominic Smith, a lot, especially tough right handers probably also includes Pete Alonso, sometimes putting Dominick Smith the better defenders first days. J. D. Davis can be a drummer Takano conveyed. I think you're going to see all those guys. So it is a good position for the Mets compared to a lot of National League teams, but comparing it to losing a guy who can give you 200 plus innings pitched, you know, with a goody are a striking out of town of guys..

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