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Us are real star wars fanatics that's the fullest with you right the force. What do you mean. Four hundred sixty eight four four five six. may the force never source star wars movie. You got a lot of those man. I tell you and then later on. We'll see how he is now. The expert on store. Oh of course the you know. The someone talked to back newsroom. All of a sudden he turned the george lucas garner gunners huge star wars guy. They may darcy dress up as the hell was she. Stormtrooper fifth layer princess leia. Right exactly for for halloween like three years ago and then all of a sudden now. She's like a star wars geek alaska. She wasn't into it before they met now. And then all of sudden dress ups came man all halloween parties and all that other stuff. Yeah you know. i'm jealous. People who are that into things like that i am. I don't look at them as i go. That's a nerdy thing to do. Whatever i think people were like that can suspend reality that much dress up to go to a movie about how 'bout comecon. Yeah that's great. Yeah comecon the furry haris. Yeah why not. People think that animals and they dress up and going litter boxes in hotels and stuff. What yeah all right. The jerry recco is here and there was a lot going on last night. Jerry people getting fired people getting thrown to the ice the knicks winning again so well. What do you got for us. All right guys. We are brought to you by winters. Brothers waste system's long island's number choice for all your waste collection and recycling needs visit winters b. r. o. s. dot com. Where you wanna go guy getting fired. You want to start with the knicks. You guys did a lot of the rangers. I'll get to that to which one you want. Let's keep the negative role in. Why not. I'm feelin our fire and hitting coaches and losing games all right so the mets did both last night pitch o.'neil lines to our left center that's basin that's going to score. Diong he rows third comes home. O.'neil heads for second. Tom and expense grow is late sliding rbi. Double for tyler. O.'neil cardinals take the lead. It's six to five and that is wayne randazzo. Wcbs eight eighty six five. We were in the third inning. That was the final score. No more runs the rest of the way of saint. Louis takes the first from the mets last night nolan. Arranhado did of the game tying three run homer prior to that joey. Luke ac tariff. I mean this stupid her. She has a pitch for eleven days. Hand awful one hundred rhyming. Exactly yeah Louise roe is things were okay. And then they weren't having great. Things happen to outs. Gigi salmonella been warm up but not getting time before everything everything happened. Here was luke. Adam wainwright was a great either. No he was in and If if francisco door would just get one key. Hit about one. Hey let's take. he added. Start small you got to move managed to hold don't you jerry come on man. He's batting one. Sixty one right. Sounds like a two hitter to me. Hey let's give him a three hundred and fifty million and the way. It does look good right now. I understand that they will turn it around. I it well. This has been a rough twenty three games though it has version. Yeah here's lucchessi. Not exactly what he expected. Jim this game feeling really good. And i don't know i felt really well but wasn't new was not to. He got screwed there a couple of times more foul tip. That wasn't it. Also pull are almost made a great catch to end the inning and didn't on the foul tip thing i i shouldn't say he got screwed because apparently almost neto said after the game that he did need erin auto hit the ball with the bat in the small. You can't even frequency the ball move in slow motion but those guys heard it. Our nado hurt at the hurt nido heard it so whatever off the go with that and then bang gone seal later pretty much and see you later is exactly what they did to lucchessi and see you later. is also. We're going to say chili. Davis and tom slater. They didn't coach and the assistant hitting coach. They were fired. We always fire guys when we're on the road. Haven't they ever figured that out. Like just fire the guys when they're at home at least weren't across the country this time even even this ownership doesn't get it. I mean just five guys at home. I mean you're gonna fire him. Did you hear the gm. Some of the stuff that was from zacks. Our job is to support the players. Put him in position. Succeed is baseball operations group and we just felt like the players needed a different level of support a paycheck. Go check about this. Maybe we heard a rod on sunday night baseball. We figured that he was right. Because watching francisco indoor warm up before the game and go through batting practice was not the right way to approach this. A different level of support is what j. Rods comments had something to do with it. I don't know if it did or not. But i mean the the process. He threw that out. That in this Call the process four every general. I was the real process guy. Well lucky for you. You guys got cuanto bomb. Yeah quavo bomb. That's your new hitting coach quantum bomb. The mets made up a name. That sounds more realistic. Maybe that's also has something to do with it. You see a lonzo is selling dude's name. The made up the guy. I already donny. Mark no johnny. Dean wasn't hansen. Who stevens donny. Stevens alonzo selling donny. Stevenson shirts and maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe like they're saying don has something to do with it. I i actually think it's a There must be some fan out there. That is either tweeting. These players could be a million fans for that matter. And they're all overland door and all that other stuff so in the players. Mind that there's some fat guy that sitting at a bar that is really you know making them better hitters. And that guy's name is donny stevenson. You think that's what it is. That's where it comes from my big inside info falling this you just piece together in your listeners. Credit evan like they were trying to figure out exactly where this is. All coming from. And i was just thinking like if you're an athlete in that locker room and you guys are getting hammered and i mean lindores getting hammered. He is getting booed already and those players are like very sensitive these days so i would think that that could be a i can made up met fan johnny stevenson. Who's sitting at the bar tweeting at somebody in. Maybe it's just a metaphor for that. Yeah what about quantum pots. What about him where you come from this guy come from. They hired him this past year in the minor league hitting coach. He's part of the new regime right. Where chili davis was a holdover right. I don't know where he came from. Prior to that. I'm not sure what organization guy waddell bomb came from. Oh i did read this wonderland. Now know the padres as he was with another. Maybe the as i forget i gotta look. He's only forty two okay so maybe quantum can turn them around. I don't know. But the mets eleven and twelve on the season. You got degrom facing johan oviedo tonight in saint louis yankees back at it they take on the astros yankees fourteen and fourteen houston fifteen and thirteen dimicco herrmann. Zack greinke the starters. Brigham coverage on the fan game coverage full game coverage on sports radio sixty six wfan am also of note. Yesterday phillies did beat. The brewers four three as of the blue jays. Five four tough night for stephen matt's took the laws jed lowrie three for four with an rbi. Double for oakland. Come on this. Is this what he did. I mean you're all over this guy. I find it very interesting. I will say that raise. Beat the angels. Seven to three tyler glass now six innings for the win and dodgers pitcher. Dustin may having tommy. John surgery today. I did not see that Before this morning Nba will get to the good and that would be your knickerbockers. Forget the four seat. Hell let's go after the three. Why the hell. Not.

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