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Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anne discussed on A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast


I actually wrote an article once that sort of bothered my mother, she said that I threw her under the bus and the title of the article was my mother doesn't understand what it's like to live with bipolar disorder. I wasn't trying to be mean, she doesn't she doesn't understand. And that's I wish that she did. Because I feel that that would let her be closer to me which would mean that I was closer to her. And I think if you thought about it, you would realize that your parents do not understand what it's like to live schizophrenia. So there's a barrier. There just is recently visited our good friend Emory Otis, and she has a ton of kids and her youngest child is bipolar. And I realize when I was there is that Anne knows about mental health. She knows that her child is bipolar. She know has him on medication. If anything goes wrong with anything. She's always there for him. You know, she knows things are rough. She's getting him help that he needs. She understands how to treat him what to say to him. She's educated on the topic. I grew up with schizophrenia. I'm mom had no idea that schizophrenia. She didn't know how to handle a girl at schizophrenia. She was never educated on the topic because I was not Medicated for anything. She had no idea existed. So if we had both known that was the issue if I was Medicated if we were both educated on how to treat a person with schizophrenia if. If she knew the right way to treat the child going through those issues, I think we would have a better relationship today. And I think it is unfortunate that we did not know the problem way back when because we didn't know the exact issue. So we weren't educated. My mother wasn't educated on how to bring a child with schizophrenia that is my answer to your question. So that made you feel pretty lonely rate..

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