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On everything we saw on tuesday and on sunday Similar looking games slightly. Different outcomes you know one was a blowout against the stupid awful red sox in one was You know what ended up being somewhat of a squeaker against the phillies berlin because the phillies kept punching back Yankees bullpen waited out of a lot of problem areas. There were many opportunities late in that game. Where a lesser version of the yankees yankees team going through slum certainly would have blown the lead. Many of those leads were quite global. Never got blown pretty cool Yeah we're on a day on game five today of this new era The yankees were forced to do this. The it's not by choice. That greg alan and estevan flurry are here That was not like some grand plan but it may be should've been we were basically saying everybody was saying the lowest common denominator to the fan base was saying for months. This team couldn't possibly look worse with a slightly altered collection of people right the argument for making a trade and for quote unquote buying you know not making a blockbuster trade but at least buying a little bit is that you can't give up on a season when your team is like three out of a playoff spot in the loss column and adding legitimately anyone to the roster who provided athleticism speed defense lefty power like adding adding absolutely any available player. Who did those things change the lineup and might alter everything you put greg. Alan in he is tearing the cover of the ball. Hit one hundred five mile. An hour exit velocity triple on tuesday night the.

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