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Radio. Now a global news update. After testing positive to Kobe 19 more reports out of Maryland as president. Trump has been taken to Walter Reed Hospital near Washington after showing mild symptoms of covert 19. The New York Times says the president has a fever congestion and a cough and will be hospitalized for several days. On Friday night, Trump thanked his well wishers and tweeted quote. Things were going well. The leader of President Trump's reelection effort is the latest White House staff member to test positive for Cove in 19 campaign manager Bill Stepien received his diagnosis on Friday. Several other officials close to the president have also tested positive, including White House aide Ho picks former adviser Kellyanne Conway and two Republican senators. University of Notre Dame President Reverend John Jenkins, who attended the Supreme Court nomination ceremony at the White House has also tested positive for coded 19 Tom Roberts has Mohr Jenkins was present at Amy Cockney barrel ceremony because she attended Notre Dame law school and was a lot professor there. Barrett has tested negative for the virus, but the Washington Post reports she recovered from the virus. Earlier this summer. Jenkins apologized the Notre Dame community after complaints were raised that he attended the White House event without wearing a mask. New York State officials are questioning the Kobe 19 safety protocols Saturday night Live is following this weekend. The show is planning to go live Saturday night, complete with a live audience inside their studio at Rockefeller Center. However, state rules prohibit a TV show from having a live audience unless it's made up of staff and crew. Tickets to SNL were being offered to the general public by a third party's website and smoke from wildfires is putting air quality readings in the unhealthy range across much of Northern California. State officials are warning residents that prolonged exposure can have negative long term effects. I'm Jim Forbes The total number of homicides in New York City this year is surpassing Last year's total. A show Bhalla has Maur, the NYPD says there have been 344 homicides so far in 2020, the most in seven years. The New York Post reports that the current rate suggests a total of over 400 for the year, which hasn't happened since 2012 when there were 419 homicides on record. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea is pointing out 607 gun arrests in September despite the reductions in forcing overtime. In a statement, Shay said, Despite the unparalleled changes they faced every day, our officers continue to engage with the community and zero in on the drivers of crime. There were 152 shootings last month, more than double the amount in September. 2019, a Sacramento high school student athlete, is getting national recognition for his outstanding achievements on and off the field. Nate Smith, a senior at Christian Brothers High School, is one of 144 students across the country to be named a great American rivalry. Siri's scholar athlete for 2020 recipients of the award, get it $500 scholarship. Which Nate says will be a big help as he graduates going into college money is always a faster, you know, with whatever you're doing, and take it the scholarship. It kind of gives you that motivation that putting all this work ahead of time and doing all of this stuff has prepared me. I've always been told it'll pay off one day, but you know, they actually coming to fruition kind of maid, Smith carries a 4.33 G p A and is the defensive captain. On the school's football team and the Los Angeles Kings were firing the person who portrays their mascot following a sexual harassment lawsuit. Tim Smith, who portrays Bailey, the Lion Was terminated following the filing of a lawsuit by a former member of the King's Ice crew team's sports reports that a woman who was hired in 2018 filed the lawsuit against Smith, the team.

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