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Iverson, big boy, what's going on, man. How you doing? I'm making knows I need you to help me out here to help you start. Why that you broke down Steph curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James Shaquille O'Neal had it on your Instagram page, as well, you got millions of followers on give me why you picked this list break it down from the air. Your had a lot to do with from from top to bottom. At a lot to do with a lot of as you say. On earlier today on show, obviously we didn't with. Play the game. Well. I've ever seen. Squall with my experience playing in the okay, obviously, you know, my jaw your make everybody this on. I think MAMBO as is is some special. I I had to I did pleasure. Wash throughout my career and shack was dominant force and LeBron being LeBron. I really with my list, and I wonder if they get it, right? When he asked me my top five that's my top five everybody on their time. And my child was the guy that I wanna see from night in night out and have the chance to watch those guys. I wouldn't wanna watch shat having never played in his prime against the bonus against Rick Smith's against Patrick Ewing against you on the list goes on and on. So I always had that for dealer because he was so dominant in was great. But I'm talking about the guys from my Iran watch trade against shack in his prime. So it wasn't about it wasn't about making a team that could mansion in when a championship or anything like that. It was just my favorite five guys. I got a lot or that. I love but the world my frie Allen Iverson right here with Steven Steven A Smith show, ESPN radio ESPN news. But hey, I ain't gonna lie to you. I didn't even call you the interview you I called you to seek your sister's 'cause Kobe's looking for me, and I need help here. Because. Voice voice say there, you go. Go ahead. Go ahead. There's Kobe Bryant. And when he comes. I mean, he's more man of those guys. And then we'll be magic list by Ohio. Great magic man or he to what he's done in his career. But my whole thing is a lot of guaranteed. Listen, guys. And they talk about their favorite players and some guys from my everyone would say Oscar Robertson their favorite Sherry with. I didn't watch those guys right before my time. You guys. I was fortunate to watch their careers. You mansard retired? I was too much. You to go and staff to go. You know what I mean? So that's our look that event. A whole bunch of the old school guys. You know, I know what they meant to us far as paving away everything. But I want we decide guys and that excite me. And I wanna see every night. Hey, I let me ask you thoughts about my position here. I took Kobe off your list only for this one reason, I look at Kobe and m j as very similar components. So if you have one you don't necessarily need the other not to take anything Kobe's top ten all time. But I'll look in Kevin Durant. And I'm like he's about five inches taller. He's a sniper extraordinaire, and if you put Kevin Durant on the team with the other four guys you mentioned, it's perfection. That's how okay, and you and you look at it from from my perspective one time. Okay. Okay. I'll tell you. What if I had a Michael Jordan, and I had a guy that was similar. Piper Jordan, I want that guy. I had three other guys joy. I want 'em to you know, what I mean? That's just that's how it is. I mean, that's the greatest to ever play the game. And that says a lot about Kobe even compare him to might say a lot about the Brian. You can even compare Him him. to my definitely not a man to be declared to the greatest to ever play the game. So that's great Kobe in the burners Allen Iverson right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN news..

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