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I Rams and faints to find an NFC champion Wendy chiefs. And the patriots Arrowhead to find out who will be representing the AFC and the Super Bowl. We've got a guest up here guy who's pretty damn familiar with two of these franchises seeing as he coached one of the two teams. They're only Super Bowl championship. I was thinking about getting them on last week when the three teams coach we're all in the elite eight of the National Football League might say I got confidence teams will do. Well, maybe we can hold off till next week. Former coach of the Rams and chiefs an eagles and all time great dick remedial joins us here on CBS sports radio. Coach Jody MAC here in New York. How you doing Jody? I'm doing fine. Thank you. How are you? Very good house two thousand nineteen treat yourself are super couldn't be any better. I'm just getting a little older, but I'm still enjoying life still enjoying life and a an occasional glass of wine. You bet for meal wine that is exact. Right. Coach former coach in Rams and chiefs, I guess your routing designations apparently easy to figure out in today's action. Yes, they are. They're pretty well. Defined haven't assistant coach Peter coaching coaching the secondary for New Orleans was my defensive coordinator at the Rams in my secondary coaches achieve. So I have a little sympathy for him. But I'm still rooting the Rams all away. Understood. And when you won the championship put them Rams Grega show on turf, a key guy for that offense was Marshall block. I see a lot of Marshall Faulk in Todd Gurley. Do you see the comparison of your superstar back with the present day ram superstar back? I do I think so. Yeah, they're both good. Runners a great daylight runners. Allusive at great speed top end speed. You know, I think they're very comparable players whether he will continue to end up in the hall of fame lake marshal Foch did I don't know. But he's going to contend for you can bet that. Yeah. Marceau's kind of set the bar little high. Tied up with him. Abo- would not be surprised now when you went the Rams that was the Saint Louis Rams damn cinch. Move back out to LA town. You're pretty familiar promotion where you spent your years out there coaching the Bruins, and the like how much would a championship in the National Football League meanness to the city of LA. Do you think? Well, I think it would mean a lot to the ram Morgan's ation. You know, I started coaching the Los Angeles Rams in nineteen sixty nine seventy one seventy two seventy three before I went to UCLA head coach in seventy four. So I know the feeling of the crowd, I they can get involved. I think you're a little harder to hang onto year in and year out because you got to win your so many things rampant out there in southern southern California. Can do you know that they can go skiing a couple of hours, then go to the oceans a few minutes. There's a lot of baseball teams play basketball teams play. So they can they can be easily distracted. If you're not winning. But I, you know, stand croppies done a great job with the organization there when they get that new stadium. You know, when they'll still it up that right? And supposedly it's going to be a great stadium as well. I hope you make it out there when the Rams Kristen it may be they'll be two time champions by the time that rolls around. I know you're coaching days with the likes of Roger ward ski and Kurt Warner. You like a thinking man's quarterback. We've got two of the all time greats today in drew Brees. And Tom Brady is one of the two better. When it just comes down to the mental aspect of the game in your mind. You know, I don't think. So I think they're both positive reflections of their coaches their head coaches, you know Brady, and nobody does it any better than those two guys. Not in the history of the league. And it seems like they they have lost anything. They continue to do it. So, you know, Andy Reid with his young guy in drew Brees was Sean my God. But you still have to give the edge to build check overall in in great quarterback combination. Great head coach combination the end results of all those wins. Yeah. They've been there a lot. Andy Reid been there done that went to a super went to a lotta championship games. Sean Payton the same with a win. Bella check with his five new territory for Sean McVeigh, if the coaching called you during the week and said coach how do I best prepare for a championship game? I've never done anything like this before. What would you tell the Kellyanne? The key elements are getting a team writer. For a championship Sunday. Well, I don't forget how you got there. You know, you must've done a pretty good job all year long. Don't don't all of a sudden move off your plan in your frozen your preparation? I think I challenge your players a little bit. I think I'd say what guy in this room is played their best game. You know, not one of them would stand up and say he did. So he's all right. It's time for it. Played the best game you're gonna go on from here. He's one guy each one of us collectively have to play the blessed. Best game of your career. You do that. We'll win the football game, dick Romeo. Joining us here on CBS sports radio. Coach the fact that these poor teams have played each other during the year patriots beat the chiefs in Foxborough last second field goal. Saints beat the Rams in in New Orleans where they play today that can be both a plus and a minus. I'm sure you had rematch is from postseason regular season where your team had one earlier in the year had lost earlier in the year. How do you play it both ways? If you got the victory earlier, do you just double down and do a lot of the same stuff or do you have to change things up because yet work, but might not work a second time, if you lost how much can you learn from it how much does the fact that both of these two teams played each other before factor into today's game. Well, I you've had a great opportunity to study the individual physical match-ups, you know, football is a combat sport. Okay. It's not a contact sport a combat sport. And you've had the opportunity to watch your players in combat with the opponent. And. And I think that gives you an opportunity, you know, equal to both sides. But give you an opportunity say where the strength was the weakest was what you didn't debate dissipate. The first time you've played that mistakes, you made that might have made a difference in the first first time you've played in it gives you time and the guy that makes the best adjustments. And I think assimilates most of the positive things a little bit better than the opponent probably gonna win the football game. And the other thing is the guy that plays a smart team. That takes the ball away doesn't give it away. How much is home field advantage meaning a game? Like this for the saints in chief? I think it's big I think it's big normally say the gambler say what three point three point something points. Right. I think when you go to New Orleans just probably a five point advantage Kansas City. I think is probably a five point advantage as well. It's Kansas City is like playing the dome when you're fired up. It is allowed loud crowds gonna be cold. But you know, New England. Used to the cold too. So I don't think I I think the home field advantage is going to be big for both teams fair enough. Dick camellias on CBS sports radio. I coach you get to the championship game. Balkanise all these teams have outstanding seasons and earned their way. Here they had to do a lot right to get where they're at in this big game. Do you need an ace up your sleeve d need a trick? Play. Is this the week where have you been saving? It. You've been thinking about it didn't midseason and Sean Payton rolled out the court down fake punt last week, which he made work with a backup to QB Jack of all trades guy. Mr. hill is this the kind of game where you're going to show off the thing you've been holding onto or are the states just too big to take a chance with a play like that. No. I think each team will come up with something. They haven't done the other thing. I think this kind of game. There's one your big star player has to come up with a big star play. All right for me and the Super Bowl member Bruce and the second half catching the big win for the touchdown. Okay. Someone has to come up with the big play. Biggest you're going to harm a hard time winning four yards at a time in this game. You're someone's going to have to get all of a sudden, boom, they get the big score or the big interceptions. The big fumble pickup or the good. Kick return. You know, I think that could be the decider coach eight to do this to you. But way back when that Brady guy one is first Super Bowl against the Saint Louis Rams coach by dick per meal. And low these many years later there's the possibility next week that it's the patriots Rams again if the patriots find a way to win Brady gets his six ballot. Check gets his sixth any chance Brady says well, I've come full circle. I beat the ram started. I'll beat the Rams Dan did and he walks away from the game. I don't believe. So. Ready for what he says, you know, I don't think he's an impulsive conversation guy. I think he says things that really define what he thinks over long periods of time. And I think he wins or loses you'll be back playing next year you, and I agree on that one. I just ask him that. It'll be fun. All right. You call the NFL a combat sport, which I love that word, which I agree with, but it's less combat than it used to be. They've changed the world certainly from when you first came into the league, even when you on your championship with the Rams they seem to kings the rules for the protection of the players or they want one more offense. Only those guys at Park Avenue for sure why they do what they do is the game as good as it used to be. Is it better? Is it just different? How has the game changed for a guy? Like you over the last twenty five thirty years. Well, I think it's more explosive. It's more explosive. The wide receivers are allowed your for your downfield. Now, you're protected you. Don't see safeties launching and going through the air and knocking the helmet off a wide receiver catching the ball. Therefore, there are more receivers making great pass we and today than at any time in the history of the game. Everybody every game at somebody making unbelievable catch that ten years ago. You didn't see anybody make it, you know? And I it's just a remarkable. I think that's the biggest improvement in the game is the receiver catching the ball. When he's covered. Busy isn't gonna cut the living. Hell mocked out of it. You're gonna get spirit hitting getting broken in half. But he's gonna get tackled and knocked down. Yes. But I think that is opened up the passing game. It's freed up the mind and the wine was wide receiver going across the middle catching the ball. Not looking all over for the guy who's been knocking his helmet off. You know? So I think that has opened up the scoring in the game and the movement of the ball, and it's made it a little more exciting for the fans of the TV ratings up is it better not too. Sure, we just we don't want it to become show business. Exactly. Yeah. I was going to ask you has the lessened physicality. It certainly lends itself to more scoring and more exciting plays in the light. But you, and I I'm a couple years younger than you. But you and I both obscene football for a long time. It's just not saying game. We grew up on. No, it's not, you know, pass rushers are very hesitant. When they get close to the quarterback. Am am I free to go ahead and hit him? I can't launch. I can't put my helmet down. I can't put my arm up and try to block and because I might the helmet all these different things. You know, changed games in one call in a game today. One call. That could be made today that wouldn't have been called a few years ago can change the outcome of the football Kenya. It's happened in the playoffs already. So all that. You know, I just have I I just think we gotta be careful to give the officials too many things to call, you know, and the game is moves so fast and other thing is, you know, they don't fight in the small ring anymore. They're spread all over the field. You know with four receivers and all this kind of stuff. No back in the village spread all over, and you give the officials so many things that call every once in a while it makes a mistake cost. Somebody a football game. All right. If these the saints in pats come up short, the Rams and the chiefs win and a call comes from an executive and owner of one of those two teams and say coach we'd love to have you with for the Super Bowl any chance you go to Atlanta two weeks from now. No, I'm not planning on it. And I'm going to be on vacation with my two brothers in Key West Florida time when we planned for a long time, and they have to fly fly in one from the west coast one from Cincinnati. So I can't bury a walk out on. All right. I'll be I'll be watching it from key west. He's a loyal employee. But he's a better, brother. Sorry. We got family plans. I can't be making it to the Super Bowl. Why am I not surprised coach great catching up with the and your your time down in Florida and joined the games today? And I'm on the Keith and the patriots. I'll be rooting with you. But take care. Bye. Bye. Bye. Thank god. That is dick from meal here with us. I think said chiefs in patriots chiefs and Rams the two teams that coach for.

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