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Of this year's pleasant acre stallion's distaff turf, one impressively by summering and summering will be one of the major players in the 5th race tomorrow at Gulfstream park. Welcome back to the weekend stakes preview presented by nyra betts Bobby Newman Dave Freeman on this Friday evening taking you through a cool dozen races from around the country and they've got a 5 bagger tomorrow Dave at Gulfstream park and it starts with that 5th race, the grade $300,000 swane river stakes. Phillies and mayors going to strut their stuff going a mile on the turf at Gulfstream full field of 12, had you see it? This is a great betting race. You can go in a lot of different directions. You're going to get a fair price and it's not crazy to see it in a lot of different ways. There are two of my favorite horses in this race. I can't think of a time that sweet Melania has run that I haven't bet on her. And that probably hasn't been great, though, she's hit the board in 11 of 14 career efforts and made over half a $1 million. But I think sweet Melania on Saturday is going to be involved in a speed duel shifty she number three likes to have the lead sweet Melania wants to be near the front, same story for princess causeway and I think it sets up for another favorite horse of mine. God dolphins all who started her career for for four and has not won since, but has been facing very, very tough competition. I think a good second last time out in a stakes race at fair grounds. I think all this will be running into quick fractions and very well may get there and could score for ten or $11. Okay, so alms for day four to one on the morning line also a filly that I think has a huge chance in the race. I had it down to whether I wanted alms or long shot number 9 summering and I went to summering coming off that win at Gulfstream last time out and just kind of an overnight handicap race, but a solid race where she went one 33 and one for the mile. She's won two of her last three starts. She's in good form and that and she's also pretty versatile and that she can lay close to the pace or a few links out of it and like alms I think she can come a running. So I'm going to take summering at 8 to one to continue that good run of races and get the job done in the swane river. Alms for Dave summering for me, race number 5 tomorrow, the grade three swanny river at Gulfstream park. 6th race on the card tomorrow begins there a pick 6, or their Rainbow Six, whatever you'd like to call it. It's the $100,000 rampart. These are Phillies and mirrors going a flat mile on the dirt. And of course, with the move to the dirt, mile becomes one turn instead of two turns. We've got a short, but sweet field of 6 here, Dave, and the favorites on the outside, number 6 dream Marie for trainer Matthew Williams and jockey junior alvarado. Yeah, last three races, second at colonial downs, fourth at Delaware park in a win at Delaware in a $100,000 stakes race over 6 this year because was disqualified from that race at Delaware and a horse that is consistently putting up really good figures. I'm against, I need to see the horse beat. Horses of this caliber and quite frankly, 9 to 5 on a horse, it's zero for 6 this year facing horses that are about the same as this. I don't like that price. I don't like that morning line at all. Maybe dream Marie is gonna be the favorite. I thought the play here was Ralph nix's dance to oro loose on the lead. And I was pretty convinced that was the way I was going to go with this. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked the rail horse all worthy working really, really well for safi Joseph. Has faced better horses the last couple times in graded stakes races. And I think all worthy is going to sit just off dance to oro get first run and I'm hoping that all worthy is going to pass dance to Europe and hold off the rest at the wire. Okay, so number one all worthy four to one on the morning line for Dave in the rampart. I went to your first inkling. Number three, dance doro. Just because of what you said. I thought she might get loose on the lead and you know what, when she gets loose on the lead, it doesn't guarantee that she gets the job done, but her good races are certainly good enough and maybe she'll fire one of those good races tomorrow 7 to two on the morning line. Both of us taking a shot against the morning line favorite number 6 dream Marie Dave going with number one all worthy. I'm taking number three dance doro. Race number 6 at Gulfstream park tomorrow the $100,000 rampart. Well, unfortunately, instead of having all the stakes as part of the late pick 5 and the pick 6, Gulfstream is kind of split it up and they saw fit into putting a synthetic track racing for race number 7 tomorrow, which as far as I'm concerned means that I'm not handicapping the pick 6 or the late pick 5 because that's not what I'm interested in playing. But we jump ahead to the 8th race on the card at Gulfstream tomorrow, and it's the grade $300,000 sugar swirl stakes. These are Phillies and mirrors, and they're going to sprint 6 furlongs on the main track. We've got a field of 8 going to post here, and two to one favorite on or rather 9 to 5 favorite on the morning line is number three Frank's rockette. I'm going to tell you this, Dave, and I've said it before. I am fairly convinced that Frank's rockette is a Philly who bleeds. I think she is significantly better when she races with the medication Lasix than the races where she doesn't run on Lasix. It's not that she's awful in those 6 races. But I don't think they're good enough to get her to the winner's circle and she can't run on Lasix once again tomorrow. Well, that's really interesting, because I think Bill Maude is as good as it gets..

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