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The mid 40s today. Good morning, I'm Bruce Allen. And I'm Joan Jones, and we begin this morning with news that could affect your road commute in the years ahead. The transportation activists who have been working to get extra lanes built on the beltway and I two 7 to get Maryland have just been dealt a major setback. The toll lanes project has been backed by Marilyn governor Larry Hogan, but now the decision will rest with the next governor Wes Moore and two other top state Democrats. That's because the Maryland Department of Transportation now says it will not seek approval of a multi-billion dollar contract to build the toll lanes until late winter after Hogan has left office, Moore has said he would like to see changes to the project. Montgomery county executive Mark elrich is weighing in again calling the project as currently designed critically flawed and overly expensive and saying a new generation of leadership should vote on it. John Aaron WTO P news. Well, after announcing last month it lost $40 million in revenue this year alone because a fair evasion, metro is testing some strategies to crack down on gate jumpers. One new approach, changing the shape of fare gates to make a tougher for people to jump over them. But metro's new general manager Randy Clark cautions, there is no perfect fix. And other gate systems may do things that prevent people from jumping, but they actually may encourage people to do piggybacking. And so there is never a perfect game. We want to have a gate that will ever be fair of Asian. It's called a wall and we won't run surface. Mantra has been focused on deterring fair jumpers rather than ticketing or arresting them. So far this month, metro transit police have written 35 tickets and have redirected hundreds of others to pay their fare. At least one person died in the condo building explosion and gathersburg on Wednesday that injured more than a dozen people. Well, now the recovery of that body from the rubble yesterday and police are saying the Potomac oaks condominiums could actually be a crime scene. Montgomery county police chief Marcus Jones says there is still an incredibly large amount of evidence they're searching for. Well, we have some information

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