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Four twenty Stinky shoreline in the north county I'm Cindy Burkey that's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty north county residents say. Large piles. Of CalPERS decomposing on the shore and is causing a stink and. Drawing flies in animals research ocean augur for and Parnell tells news eight it's. Because an ocean swell tore up the couch. And Senator shore about a. Month ago. He says there are benefits such as feeding and sustaining. Ocean life researchers at UC San Diego school of medicine say new findings. Could lead to. Inaccurate blood test for a serious childhood illness that can't be currently detected before. It gets. Serious enough to be fatal Kawasaki disease is rare but experts say the late diagnosis can lead to heart attack or congestive heart failure National weather service. Forecasters say we'll see some slight cooling, today and Wednesday and returned to heat wave. Conditions by Thursday ocean temperatures will be warm but. Swimmers can also expect extreme high tides and dangerous rip currents AM seven sixty k.. F. m. talk. And breaking news CBS news update a massive wildfire north of San Francisco has burned it's way into the history books fueled by hot windy conditions the Mendocino complex fire is now California's. Largest ever recorded Cal fire's Lynn Thomas off a, very rural area at. This point but there are still numerous homes around the clear lake. Area lots of communities in there some vacation areas that sort of thing definitely many homes still evacuated Steve Futterman, there is no estimate when fire crews may gain control over this fire it's grown rapidly the last few days the official number of acres burned right. Now two hundred eighty. Three thousand acres more than thirty nine hundred fire personnel are battling this fire both On the ground and from the air. A car fire north of Sacramento has torched more than one hundred sixty. Four thousand acres. And has blamed for seven deaths forecast for northern California calls for. Gusty winds and temperatures as high as one hundred. Ten over the next few days CBS news up AM seven sixty KF MD every.

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