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Chili right now, but Sonny 34 degrees in Boston. Plenty of sunshine and blue sky for you at 12 Noon. Good afternoon to you on the Saturday I'm Tina Gal, and here's what's happening. The FBI is using cell phone data and videos taken inside the U. S Capitol to try and find and charge those responsible for this week's deadly attack is also trying to determine what the larger gold of the assault might have been. Let's find out more from CBS is Jeffrey Gaze to Washington may not be over in the mob storming the Capitol. Investigators say they were armed white supremacists and anti government delicious There are celebrations online, according to the Anti Defamation League. Some of the post include threats to the inauguration. Trump will be sworn in for a second term on January 20th Round two on January 20th this time, no mercy. At least five people died when supporters of President Trump's stormed the capital. On Wednesday. Ah Capitol police officer died of injuries sustained during the melee. Ah woman protester was fatally shot by police and three people died from medical emergencies. Related to the uprising. On Wednesday, the six president Trump loses his primary megaphone after Twitter permanently shuts down his personal account, breaking off his connection to nearly 90 million followers on Twitter. They also suspended an account used by his campaign. This comes as political figures from both sides of the political aisle intensified calls for the president to resign or face a potential second impeachment for allegedly inciting Storming Wednesday storming of the U. S. Capitol. CBS NEWS Washington Correspondent Paula Reed has more from the White House. The draft article of impeachment incitement of insurrection, alleges that President Trump's conduct on Wednesday gravely endangered the security of the United States. He would be the first president to be impeached twice. But some Republicans believe there just isn't enough time. Democrats in Congress are trying to send a message to the nation in the world that mob violence inspired by a White House will not stand. Impeachment proceedings could begin on Monday. Two people are in custody in Massu, in accused of assaulting a state trooper. Authorities say the trooper was attacked while responding to reports of a fight between a man and a woman in the middle of Lowell Street, the whole thing captured on video by passing motorists that couple turn on the trooper before running into some nearby woods. They were eventually captured and now are facing a couple of charges. These charges include assaulting an officer and also resisting arrest. Trooper, meanwhile, was treated at Lawrence General Hospital for shoulder injury and has since been released. Randolph Police are searching for two suspects in a drive by shooting that wounded a mother and her son. Police say it happened around 11 15 last night as a pair walked along Pleasant Street and Randolph. Police say a car pulled up shots were fired in the car, then quickly sped off. The 60 year old woman was treated at a hospital in Brockton for a non life threatening wound to her arm and her 26 year old son treated at a Boston hospital for shoulder wound. Authorities say at this point, they do not believe the shooting was random. And anyone with information is asked to call Randolph Police right away Coronavirus cases reaching all time record highs yet again here in Massachusetts. More on that coming up in just about two minutes. Stay right here back to the roads right now. 12, 03 traffic and weather together, starting with a Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's happening, Rob? Well, Tina, we have some delays now coming into the city. Looks like we have something inside this south out O'Neal tunnel. It's out of our camera range in the tunnel, but it looks like it could be just near the airport exit. That first off ramp. It should come inside the South bound O'Neill tunnel heading to Logan because we are seeing volumes turning toe jam up on there's a Cambridge getting into the South Count O'Neill Tunnel. Lever connector just a little bit slow at the bottom Approaching star. Oh, no problems over the Tobin or in the airport tunnels south of town. The expressway looks good. And Andrew three is in good shape along the South Shore. Occasionally, some slowdowns of the offer empty Union Street. 24 95 or okay down to Rhode Island. No complaints along 1 28 western town in 2 90 Year, Okay and north of the City three and 93 year, Okay, heading up to New Hampshire, Rob Hackle. Ow! Biggs traffic on.

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