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Guys chuck woolery and mark young gotten to know them recently they will be back and i will be on their podcast blunt force truth on tuesday the thirteenth can't wait for that these guys got it going on you chuck warriors love connection remember tune to you see him all over tv commercials right now over fox and i'm sure other networks as well i think it's the blue emu stuff cream i don't know i i just been cnn had paid much attention to him but the trucks been around a long time really personable guy that's why he was so successful on television also might know he was the first toast for seven years running going back to nineteen seventy six remember wheel fortune everybody thinks outs pat say jack and vanna away from the get go now chuck woolery hosted that show for seven straight years before pets ajak picked it up and he is uh let's say a very vocal conservative very pro on very anti islamic terror and he makes no bones about it so the timing of are getting together was kind of coincidental i was reaching out to his people when they reached out to me not knowing i had reached out to them already and asked me to be on their show while i was asking them to be on our shelves so things work out for reason i really enjoyed the hour i hope you do too and of course of you are hawkins in our to just brought it like he always does some really fun stuff with a w are the whitten wisdom when he pointed out some what gun related yeah gun related in the sense that it's the same type of attacks and we've faced for a long time as gun owners from a party who hates our rights and a party who quite frankly continues to attack.

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