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And she said brenna your. I didn't have the blessing of two siblings. You have an al given this third. When you've already provided these two siblings. He can engage with them. You don't have to do everything exactly and it was just. It was such a revelation for me. And yet i look at it now. I think that's such a small thing but to me at the time. I was carrying a ton of guilt that i had put on myself because i wasn't doing as much for him as i did for the first interesting and i realized the blessing of that and and i think having women in our lives who have a little more perspective it may be they may be two years down further along the line than us or they might be ten years but speaking truth like that. That was life changing for me ned. The time because i flung off the guilt and thank god for the reality. It was like it shook me to the truth of. She's right. yeah what am i thinking. i know. My friends are so critical to me spending that time i. It's really hard to find time in my schedule. Sometimes because i let everything else kind of go over that but to me and it's not every day it's not even every week you know my close friends. We may be each other once every couple of months but we do a phone call conversations between them but my husband says i need you to go. Hang out with your girlfriends. Same thing that you said about jill briscoe. You know like what kid said to her. You are a better wife in a better mom when you've gone out of the house and had time with your friends and then you come back and you can love even better because you're not so stressed out that's right one of the things that i totally agree and i tell my husband when i like. Go hunt go. Yeah go play golf. He says the same. I say the same thing to him but yeah but it is so important that we have those times. And it's just rejuvenating yup absolutely now. You have your book. I mean you've given us lots of tips and hopefully whoever's been listening the ladies that are listening are have had a pen and a paper. Maybe i need to warn them of that. And then intro. Because you've given us so many good tips and you've got more in your book so tell us. How can we find your book and well right now. It's on amazon. Okay so you can go there to get it but also something else. I thought about that. I didn't mention was when it comes to spiritual growth one of the main tools that the lord has used in. My life is my prayer journal and i have on my youtube. There's coach mom tribe is my youtube. Okay i know and you can go under the spiritual growth playlist and it. I talk about how to make a prayer journal. Wow and it is. It's a very practical thing. It may not be as pretty as some but it is one that you will use. And i've made this for dozens of like a high school graduate sending them off. Oh and the lord has really overwhelmed me. I pray over them as i send them out and he has. He's let me in on a little secret at times almost every time before i shipped them off..

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