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Traffic center no major delays to report this morning in Hillsboro in the surrounding, counties I four to seventy five and seventy five or all reporting an accident free big bridges and major. Toll roads are also moving well. In both directions u. s. nineteen and, a three a one are also delay free do you want to remind you however that there is ongoing construction work happening on Gandy boulevard between the east end of the Gandy bridge and Dale, Mabry as well as in channel side. Between the south Florida avenue and Kennedy boulevard Samantha canning NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a it has not happened here says at least one county elections official. Of claims. By Senator Bill Nelson that Russia has hacked into. Some of Florida's voter registration systems Dustin chase, is with the. Pinellas county elections office we've found out in hurt. Initial media reports Systems had been hacked we immediately, contacted. The department of homeland security the FBI WALDO county administrator and they hold up the bid, no indication, that there had been any anomalies in our systems Nelson says he can't. Comment on which KENNY'S gotten hacked because it's classified governor Rick Scott Nelson's Republican, rival in the US Senate race denies that anyone is compromised the state's election system but an expert on. Cybersecurity says the hacking has happened. As Nelson claimed David Hicks is director, of the institute of cyber law policy insecurity at the university of Pittsburgh nobody likes to admit they've been hacked but the fact is that we know that in two thousand sixteen Florida was one, of the seven states identified by DHS. Where the Russians not only were circling but they were in their system Nelson posted that clip from MSNBC on his Twitter feed with the comment quote. It's unfortunate. That some Florida officials would try to use this. Issue for personal political gain unquote we could Learn soon early voting, in some Florida counties for the August twenty eighth primary including Hillsborough county begins.

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