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Good. I love her glam there. All right you guys remember meghan. And harry insisting. They had absolutely nothing to do with that. Tell all book about them. Well that's not necessarily true and new legal documents obtained by e. news meghan markle's lawyers state. Neither she nor prince. Harry ever spoke or collaborated with finding freedoms authors. However the documents also reveal then making did talk to a friend who she knew was working with the authors because she did not want the drama with her father thomas to be misrepresented. Megan apparently let this person know that she did not abandon her father and tried many times to get in touch with him and ask him to please not engage with the media about their relationship and all of that info into the book. So just an. Are you shocked. She was telling the truth she told the truth. She did not give direct info to the authors. She was not working directly with. Don't care author so obviously is true. But i read the book. Had you read now. Book was so specific that there was no way in hell this book without bear account. I mean even down to the proposal would take over baked chicken roasted potatoes with charlotte paret on the side. Prince harry got on one knee over brown wooded floor and proposed to megan markle while she wore a j. crew sweat like it was too much invo that somebody could just make that up our guests right exactly. I mean i've just seen experts about it and that's kind of my take too is like there had to be some parters something and you know. And that's what we do right like especially going to a party and you know the question is going to be like well. How's doing it's you make sure you talk to that friend ahead of time to be like. Here's how i'm doing in case anyone asks. She is going great.

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