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Pj no thank you. I feel like it's way too close. There's some really nice. Pj's i. I mean i've never been so i can't say rod i. It doesn't appeal to me. I'd rather fly in a bigger plane with some people. Trying to chat up has an air seven thirty seven. So wow you is trying to chat up a guy from wheels up. In lake tahoe. There were there. There was one of the key sponsors and doing that for years. No but there is an actual guy there and was like yeah. Yeah it's thing buddy. I wonder if he's followed up on that. It was the guy the guy was the wheels up. Yeah mr up. Mr mr up just wants to be able to take a private jet to every single deadandcompany company concert and then he'll still make an excuse why i asked to leave early. Even though he gets to scheduled what time he leaves because it's his own jet. I don't want to judge but at one point have you seen enough deadandcompany. Such such tight. Succession i mean i am. We're off off. The record does just amongst friends. Nobody including listeners. Reveal this but like this is such an important time for him to be with his daughters. Is he going all these concerts bags. Here i didn't say that and say that but i'm not going to ut quality so he would explain to me was. Oh i'm going with them to go. And see a couple of colleges we're gonna go to maryland up to syracuse or some some that but he some saying right it's like well instead of just focusing on the college trip it's well then. Can we jet off after we go see the college and we see a dead show. Is there a college nearby. Boom we're touring the college right. Daddy daughter time. Yeah i i don't mind like following kids like hate the dead but they have to pretend like they want to go. There's no way they go with him to those shows really there now. You just drop them off at like six flags and there's just like twelve hours six flags there like seventeen and eighteen year old girls. Yeah they are six flags. Yeah you don't think seventeen like six flags really random place to go. I mean park. How at random. Yeah the to glen while my dad had just dropped me off at six flags and call it a night. Where would you want to be dropping off your dad. Is congrats on having a much better dead than i had. I would probably go to the dead concert though. So i guess maybe i'm a bad example. Okay but let's say concerts out of the equation. You don't wanna go to six flags. Where do you want to be. Dropped off and arcade movie theater. Not an arcade. I don't think the mall man remember arcades. Did you ever go to the arcade mall of america. Now home man. I don't remember ever come here. Tony boy let's talk about the mall of america. I got a good story about them. All the staff inside time game time now brennan tobe anita crow. I went to all the americas For people that don't understand what that is used to be called midway mall before they tried to make it a lot fans different than the one in minnesota. Yes very sort of. That's a mall of america of america. Right this is the mall of america right because you're close to your closer durell at this point all the americas you're like right. There between north and south in the streets divides dolphin eight twenty. You know how they have a condo building there..

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